There is no lack of tenants. Warehouse market is booming

On the warehouse market there is currently a balance of power between the tenant and the developer - says in an interview with Rzeczpospolita Robert Dobrzycki, Chief Executive Officer Europe, Panattoni Europe.

As demonstrated by the JLL data, vacancy rate was 6.5 % - and it is the lowest since 2007 - in evaluation Dobrzycki could indicate a predominance of developers. - The situation looks somewhat differently in different regions. Outside Warsaw - where the vacancy rate is 11 % - it ranks below 10 %. There are many locations where storage space is available immediately. At the same time, if the tenant does not need the industrial space immediately, there is no problem with the construction of a new hall - says Robert Dobrzycki, Panattoni Europe.

Three strong regions        

JLL figures show that 59 % of transactions was singed in the three regions + in Warsaw area (22 %) Central Poland (19 %) and Upper Silesia (17 %). This is confirmed by the Panattoni representative. Dobrzycki adds that considerable interest in the halls from the retail sector including retail chains, is observed. According to the calculations of JLL experts in the third quarter of 2015 the largest number of industrial space was leased by logistics operators. Companies from this sector gained 30 % market share.

- Logistics companies appreciate in Poland geographic location and improving infrastructure. Also, logistics companies represent all industries. This means that when any sector starts to grow, there is a growing trend in logistics. Logistics industry is dependent on overall market performance and the tendency of companies to outsource logistics services - explains Tomasz Olszewski, Head of Industrial Agency CEE, JLL.

Retailers rent a lot

The next places were representing companies from the retail chains (20%), light industry (13%) and the automotive sector (11%). - These companies - due to the search of savings – accumulate their business, locating precisely in the center of Poland. A shift towards the central axis of the country can be also observed in the case of companies that support Western Europe - says in an interview for Rzeczpospolita Robert Dobrzycki, Chief Executive Officer Europe, Panattoni Europe.

In his opinion, the vast majority of these companies are looking for space in western Poland, for example in Wrocław and Poznań, but in many cases are also characterized by an increased demand for work force. - This means that they are beginning to look for sites located in the interior of the country. And here around Łódź and Upper Silesia are the best choice - he added.

Tomasz Olszewski


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