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Available space
Planned development
Leased by SEGRO
Location Lodz, Łódź Inner 92-412 Rokicińska 156/Rokicińska 168


More details provided by:

Paulina Dziubińska
Paulina Dziubińska
+48 605 059 693 Get in touch

SEGRO Business Park Łódź is located on one of the main streets of the city, also in the close distance to A2 motorway. Park offers large warehouse space, where the offer includes a possibility of building small business units which are built in high standard dedicated for office and small warehouse space. The excellent visibility from the street Rokocińska is one of the assets of the park.

Warehouse space for rent in Lodz just 10 km from the city centre

SEGRO Business Park Lodz is SEGRO’s first development in Lodz area, just 10 km from the city centre. The facility is well-known for its fantastic setting by one of the key locations in Lodz – Rokicinska street. A2 motorway (Warsaw-Poznan-Berlin) runs just 23 km away, which allows for smooth road access to any parts of Poland.

Warehouses in Lodz offer modern warehouse and office space

SEGRO Business Park Lodz comprises 2 A-class warehouses. Building A is a cross dock, offering 30 000 sq m., which is 10 m high and 132.9 m deep. The warehouse has been fitted with all necessary fire protection systems, such as smoke vents and sprinklers. Building B is is 8 m high and 54 m deep and has been designated strictly for office operations. There is however the possibility to organize small warehouse modules on site.

SEGRO warehouses in Lodz, Warsaw and Gdansk

SEGRO is a leading real estate developer with headquarters in the UK and investments scattered around the world. The company owns industrial properties in Central Europe, including warehouses in Poland (Lodz, Warsaw or Gdansk). SEGRO offers an impressive range of premises that cater for storage, office and light production needs.

Terms of lease

Warehouse headline rent
Warehouse effective rent Discounts available!
Office space rent Get in touch!
Min. unit
Min. lease period Get in touch!
Building To rent Grid Clear height Floor loading Sprinklers Cross dock Smoke vents CCTV Rail siding Light production
Budynek B 18.00 x 11.00 m 8 m 5 t/m2 no no no no no yes
Budynek A 12.00 x 22.50 m 10 m 0 t/m2 yes yes yes no no yes
Warehouses Lodz | Looking for warehouse space in the region of Lodz? Check out why magazines in the boat enjoying the trust of our customers!
Location: Łódź Inner Warehouses: Lodz
Warehouses in Poland Warehouses in Lodz
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