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Industrial park in Bydgoszcz will use energy from photovoltaic farm

17 August 2022 | News

A solar-powered power plant is being built at an industrial park in Bydgoszcz. The project makes use of the roof of warehouses and surrounding land totalling 1,500 sq m, which will generate 300 MWh. The energy obtained will be used for the needs of the park's tenants and any surplus will become a source of energy for electric cars.

Whole space in DL Czechowice Park is hired

12 August 2022 | News

The last available space at DL Invest Park Czechowice in Czechowice-Dziedzice has been leased by a manufacturer of industrial transmission belts.

New big-box warehouses will be built in Silesia

10 August 2022 | News

The town of Dębieńsk (Silesian voivodeship) will soon become another spot on the warehousing map, thanks to a land transaction of more than 22 ha.

No vacant warehouses in the USA

8 August 2022 | News

The largest warehousing and distribution market in the US stretches from the seaport of Los Angeles to the border of Arizona and Nevada. In this area, there is a total of 1.6 billion square feet of warehouse space, influenced in recent years by the increased demand for imported goods from Asia.

Park Bydgoszcz IV has a new tenant

5 August 2022 | News

The volume of available space at Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz IV has decreased. This time the tenant is a company from the logistics industry, which has contracted 2,700 sq m of space for office and warehouse organisation.

BIK Park Wrocław leased before completion

3 August 2022 | News

In the first quarter of 2022, Polish logistics developer BIK S.A. began construction of a 22,500 sq.m warehouse on a speculative basis in Nowa Wies Wrocławska, in the Kąty Wrocławskie municipality.

50 hectares in the municipality of Wiskitki in the hands of a new investor

11 July 2022 | Featured transactions

Starowiskitki, July 11, 2022 – Dozens of registered plots of land, with a total area in excess of 50 hectares, have been purchased by a company from the commercial real estate industry. The site is in Starowiskitki, a village located 50 kilometers from Warsaw. The comprehensive handling of the transaction, including the negotiation of the terms of sale as well as preparation of administrative and legal formalities, was conducted by specialists from the Industrial Agency department of consulting firm – JLL.

C&C Partners to initiate new investment in Rawicz

13 June 2022 | Featured transactions

Rawicz, 14 June 2022 – International company, TKH Group N.V., represented by its newly established company EEP LCC, has purchased an investment site of approximately eight hectares in Sieraków in the Rawicz municipality. In the formal preparation for obtaining the land for sale, support during negotiations and in the process of purchasing the land was provided by specialists from the JLL consultancy firm’s industrial department in cooperation with the Rawicz Office for Investor Assistance.

Warehouse market in Poland – "Q1 2022"

27 May 2022 | Reports

The Polish warehouse market continues to strengthen its European position. The market’s already high demand was further boosted in Q1 2022 by increased activity in the manufacturing sector.

Gomez expands its distribution centre in Swadzim

4 May 2022 | Featured transactions

Gomez S.A. has expanded its logistic and warehouse base in western Poland to 12,000 sqm at Panattoni Park Poznań IX. JLL experts advised Gomez in the process of negotiating the leasing conditions.

Are Polish warehouses getting old?- JLL experts explain

6 April 2022 | Knowledge Base

We can attest that first modern warehouses in Poland have been being built since 2000, but the most important moment for industrial market was later. The relevant moment was in 2004, when our country joined the European Union. Nowadays, warehouses which were built between 2000-2010 are called the old ones. These buildings are still attractive because of modernisation processes, good pay rate conditions, experienced administrators, and from time to time good availability.

Polish industrial market ends 2021 on a record high

23 February 2022 | Reports

Interest in new space on the industrial market continues to grow. Developers are acting at an increasingly fast pace to respond to emerging needs. As a result, supply and demand records, driven largely by e-commerce, were once again set.

SPAR to expand logistics centre to 20,000 sqm in MLP Czeladź

2 February 2022 | Featured transactions

The food retailer SPAR will expand its logistics centre in Czeladź. The facility at MLP Czeladź will be placed in service later this year. Currently, SPAR occupies an area of 8,800 sqm used as a warehouse, cold and freezing rooms, office and staff amenity space. The SPAR logistics centre will be expanded by another 11,200 sqm, the vast majority of which will be used for warehousing, cold storage and freezing purposes. Additional facility will be dedicated to a modern office, which will be expanded by 250 sqm. This phase is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2022.

Castorama moves into 7R Park Łódź East I

10 January 2022 | Featured transactions

Castorama, Poland's largest chain of Home Improvement stores, selling construction and finishing products online and in 90 brick and mortar stores across the country, has chosen a modern logistics facility at 7R Park Łódź East I. The total area that the tenant will occupy is more than 36,000 sqm. In the lease process Castorama was advised by JLL.

State aid in the eastern part of Poland is one of its greatest assets

16 December 2021 | Knowledge Base

“The eastern region of Poland is attracting more and more interest from developers and tenants. Rzeszów and Lublin attract companies from both the logistics and manufacturing sectors. The region is particularly interesting for companies planning new investments due to the highest permissible thresholds of regional state aid in Poland and in the European Union,” said Marcin Krupanek, Consultant at JLL, in the interview with website.

Industrial market heading for another record

3 December 2021 | Reports

Spectacular net take-up of 3.5 million sqm at the end of Q3 was better than any other total for the first three quarters of a year. The Polish market was also one of the driving forces behind the record demand in Europe.

On proper land – preparing for investment project

15 November 2021 | Expert Insights

Today there are many tools and ways to check a property before making investment decisions. This makes it all the more unwise to build a warehouse or factory on a plot of land we know nothing about. The important aspect before deciding to start the investment process is due diligence of the property. This is a series of analyses and studies aimed at recognising the legal and technical situation of the land. In addition, one cannot forget to conduct a thorough analysis of the subsoil.

Danfoss Poland’s new factory in Grodzisk Mazowiecki is now in the home straight

29 September 2021 | News

Panattoni is now working on the final stage of a production plant for Danfoss Poland within the company’s existing Grodzisk Mazowiecki complex, in cooperation with general contractor Dekpol. The developer has already delivered 12,000 sqm of the project, and now a warehouse facility and 1,000 sqm of production space are under construction.

Panattoni completes 40,000 sqm production plant for Leviat in Kalisz

13 September 2021 | News

Panattoni has completed a factory in Kalisz for Leviat – a global specialist in innovative solutions for the construction sector. The 40,000-square-metre investment replaces the company’s existing plant in the central Poland city. As a result, it will increase its production capacity and will be able expand its activities. One of the main challenges involved in developing the plant was to carry out the project within the strict time frame needed to ensure the continuity of the firm’s production.

Records tumble in Poland’s industrial market

24 August 2021 | Reports

Demand for warehouses at 3.15 million sqm and new supply at 1.14 million sqm set new H1 records for the industrial market. Poland registers Europe’s second highest developer activity with over three million sqm under construction.

Construction work starts on Panattoni Park Rzeszów Airport II

23 August 2021 | News

Panattoni has started the development of Panattoni Park Rzeszów Airport II. Today, the groundbreaking ceremony took place on the site of an 11,300 sqm BTS project, which is being constructed for US firm BorgWarner.