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Developers are preparing new projects. Tomasz Mika: the coming months can be anticipated with optimism


“Poland is among the European leaders, and the coming months will confirm this” says Tomasz Mika, Senior Director at JLL in the interview with magazyny.pl. As he admits, tenants and developers are planning new investment projects, and new players interested in the warehouse sector are entering the market.

Konin East Industrial Park shows that new industrial zones in Poland can be green and meet 21st century challenges


There are very few investment areas of over 100 ha in Poland which are not infrastructural deserts. Most of the large parcels available on the market are agricultural land that have not been developed in terms of road and technical infrastructure, which are key aspects for large investments in industries such as automotive or electromobility.

Warehouses becoming part of urban landscape


The development of e-commerce and the accelerating urbanisation process is translating into a growing stock of urban warehouses in Poland which currently stands at approx. 1.6 million sqm, with the prospect of further growth.

Cross-dock or last mile warehouse


With almost 50% share in total net demand, logistics operators clearly lead the way in the sectors active on the warehouse market in Poland. As JLL data show, this is mainly due to the constantly growing e-commerce sector, but also due to increased consumption (FMCG, DIY sectors). The increase in this share is observed not only in high-storage warehouses, but also cross-dock facilities.

Road to warehouses. Infrastructure as a major asset of new locations


Modern roads are one of the key arguments in favour of creating new favourable warehouse locations in Poland. The infrastructure appearing in places that have been difficult to access so far allows many companies to gain additional development opportunities and generates significant savings.

Hubert Michalak, Head of Hillwood Polska: The signs of market saturation are not yet visible


Despite the dominant position of warehouse locations called the Big Five, new places on the map of Poland are becoming more and more important. Main reasons? Availability of employees, lower costs and constantly developing infrastructure.

Poland as a star of warehouse market in Europe


The demand for warehouse space was visible in the first half of the year in almost every market segment in Poland. Logistics operators, retail chains and light manufacturing companies were the most active tenants and together they have accounted for almost 80% of net demand.

Investment market. This is the best ever H1 performance in terms of investment activity


The volume of industrial investment transactions concluded between January and June 2019 was 374 million euro.

Poland - the seventh largest industrial market in EU


Total industrial stock in Poland now stands at 16.9 million sq m. Gross take-up in the first half of 2019 exceeded 1.6 million sq m. In addition, over 1.1 million sq m of new space was delivered to market and 2.2 million sq m is under construction.

Warehouse property market. Forecasts for 2019


During the whole 2018, the companies leased over 3.7 million square meters of warehouse space. As JLL data showed - it was the second best result in the history of the market (after 2017). What changes await the warehouse market in 2019?

The year 2019 is a turning point


Poland is ranked 13th in the list of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world. We talk to Rafał Szcześniewski, COO & Founder Omnipack about how this affects the development of online store logistics and what will be crucial for entrepreneurs in 2019.

The year of revolution in Polish SEZs


2018 was a challenging year for Special Economic Zones. First of all, the zones underwent a revolution – changes in the law caused that entire Poland was included in the special economic zone. Here is a summary of the most important SEZ events this year.

Over 200 ha of area is waiting for investor in Rozprza


The Rozprza commune offers over 200 hectares of area to potential investors. The main advantage is the central location of the commune. In addition, the areas were joined by the Łódź Special Economic Zone, creating one of the largest sub-zones of the LSEZ in Rozprza.

Developers are active in the first half of the year


Developers are still increasing their activity. As the JLL report has showed, in the first half of 2018, the resources of modern warehouse space in Poland reached 14.2 million square meters. In the last quarter, 343.000 square meters were delivered to the market in 15 warehouse parks, which gives over 648.000 square meters delivered to the market throughout the first half of the year.

PropTech is already in warehouses


The commercial real estate market is waiting for a technological revolution. Already, new technologies have become the everyday life of consulting companies such as JLL. As the first report on PropTech showed in Poland, the Industrial sector mostly understands this.

Investors have an appetite for warehouses


The value of investment transactions in the Polish warehouse sector at the end of the first quarter of 2018 amounted to approx. EUR 100 million under three purchase/sale agreements. This is the result of the summary of the first three months on the warehouse market prepared by JLL experts.

Polish warehouses are not the same as they were a few years ago


“Just 5 years ago, the interior of every warehouse looked exactly the same, the biggest craze being various arrangements of shelves. Over the years, however, the situation has changed dramatically. At the moment 100 percent of large facilities—buildings over 25 thousand sqm—are custom-built, which means each of them is different,” says Tomasz Olszewski, Regional Director, JLL. So what are Polish warehouse facilities like now, and what will they be in the future? Analysis by Tomasz Olszewski, JLL.

Poland is one of the most competitive markets in Europe


“We do not intend to become the largest logistics operator in Poland, but we definitely want to be a key player in contract logistics in terms of innovation, customer focus, quality of service and cost efficiency,” says Yann Belgy, General Director, ID Logistics Polska, in an interview for warehousefinder.pl.

Polish e-commerce in an excellent shape


The e-commerce industry in Poland is in an excellent shape, as evidenced by the large investments made by Zalando. The global industry giant will build a 130,000 sqm logistics centre near Olsztynek.

Central Poland - the most desirable area in the country


Thanks to its excellent location, well-developed infrastructure and attractive rental rates, Central Poland was the most desirable area on the country's warehouse map in 2017. The region accounts for 30 percent of demand within new contracts and expansions.

Warehouse market: Poland ranks third in Europe


The latest data from JLL shows that Poland has hit the podium —the country ranks third in Europe in terms of the amount of rented warehouse space. Ahead of Poland are the Netherlands and the largest European market—Germany. Every tenth square metre of warehouse space in Europe was rented in Poland.