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The revolution in the land trading, black clouds over the warehouse market


Big changes in the land trade are coming next year. Since January the law on shaping the agricultural system enters into force, which may turn out to be a disaster for the industrial and warehouse market. The new rules can block the ability to purchase multiple plots, which until now have been used for the construction of industrial facilities – experts convince.

There is no lack of tenants. Warehouse market is booming


On the warehouse market there is currently a balance of power between the tenant and the developer - says in an interview with Rzeczpospolita Robert Dobrzycki, Chief Executive Officer Europe, Panattoni Europe.

A record again - warehouses in the third quarter of 2015


The third quarter showed that it hasn’t been so well on the warehouse market in Poland since 2007. According to JLL, from the beginning of the year as many as 1.6 million sq m. has been leased across the country of which 433. 000 sq m were completed in the third quarter of 2015. More and more premises were also built speculatively.

How to successfully negotiate a warehouse lease contract and achieve low rates of rent? A JLL expert's advice


The process of negotiating the terms of the warehouse space lease contract is based on several important factors, the most important is the knowledge about the market. In large contracts, negotiations can yield savings of hundreds of thousands of euros per year. [VIDEO]

How to prepare an investment land to sell it successfully?


- Contrary to what it may seem, the success of investment land sales transactions is often not the location itself - said in an interview with Agata Zając, Associate Director, JLL. So what is important? - In the eyes of investors it is also important to properly prepare the land for sale – adds Agata Zając.

Developers increase their activity in smaller cities. A new trend on the warehouse market in Poland


We observe a new trend in the industrial real estate market in Poland, it is the construction of warehouse parks in smaller regional cities that have so far been overlooked by investors - said in an interview with Tomasz Olszewski, Head of Industrial Department CEE, JLL.

In half a year more than 1 mln sq m of industrial space leased


In the first half of the year companies leased more than one million square meters of warehouse space - according to data from JLL. The main clients of warehouse projects turned out to be logistics operators.

Upper Silesia – one of the leading warehouse markets


- We observe continued interest of Western companies that want to invest in Poland and develop their bets. These companies, in many cases to Upper Silesia - said in an interview with Wojciech Zoń, Associate Director, JLL.

Warehouse space at the logistics centre of Poland


Warehouses for rent in Warsaw and its surroundings are now offering more than 2.8 mln sq m of modern industrial and logistics space. - Warsaw district is one of the largest warehouse market in Poland and throughout Central and Eastern Europe - said in an interview with Paulina Dziubińska, Senior Consultant, JLL.

Own or leased production building?


Companies can carry out the production in their own factories or in warehouses adapted for this purpose. Which option is the best? - It depends on the individual needs of enterprises, production volumes, long-term strategy relating to the production or distribution of goods - said in an interview with Michał Śniadała, Senior Consultant at JLL.

Lublin - a bridge between East and West


- There is a chance that we will soon hear more about Lublin - said in an interview with Mateusz Iłowiecki, Senior Consultant JLL, responsible for the Eastern region of Poland. Why is his city an ideal location for potential investors?

The changing role of SEZ in Poland


Special Economic Zones after 20 years in business are evolving. Today SEZ have changed from the entity granting aid towards "land developer".

Why taking the risk of investment?


Investors want to have a ready-made plot. It's a simple principle, which clearly answers the question about the legitimacy of investment risk.

SEZs without tax credits? JLL Expert: with no concessions SEZ would lose one of the main incentives


Special economic zones are now less important and should be moving away from the tax allowance granted to entrepreneurs - says for Gazeta Stanislaw Szultka, the expert in Institute for Market Economics. Is this a good idea?

Forecasts for 2015: Another good year ahead


Developers' activity in 2015. will remain at a high level - predict JLL experts. According to JLL data on the market this year could hit up to 1 mln sqm of new supply.

E-commerce is changing the existing warehouse needs


E-commerce has recently driven the warehouse market in Poland. This was one of the factors, which led to the expansion of this sector in 2014. Developers have signed leases for a total of 2.06 million sqm, which is the best result in the history of Polish warehouse market and 6 % higher than the very good result in 2013.

JLL expert: We can expect an influx of new investments in Upper Silesia


-Upper Silesia is today one of the most significant industrial hubs in both Poland and CEE - said during the Property Forum Katowice conference Wojciech Zoń, the Associate Director in the Industrial Department JLL, who took part in the discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of Upper Silesia.

JLL expert: A great future lays ahead of Poznań


- A great future lays ahead of Poznań - convinced at the Property Forum Poznan conferencw Tomasz Mika, director of JLL Industrial Department in Poland. JLL expert chaired the discussion about te region.

If you want to invest, you should do it in Poland. Why?


Investments of corporations such as Volkswagen and Amazon are a great advertisement of Poland. In the opinion of JLL’s Tomasz Olszewski, such large investments are a message to other investors: if you want to invest, you should do it in Poland. Why?

Where do companies prefer to lease warehouses?


Warehouse market in Poland is doing better and better. The regions are developing as well. According to JLL, Upper Silesia was the region with the highest warehouse demand in the third quarter of the year.

Will it be a record year? Even 1.5 million sq m of leased space this year.


This year, companies are going to lease as much as 1.5 mln sq m of warehouse space – state JLL’s experts.