Over 200 ha of area is waiting for investor in Rozprza

The Rozprza commune offers over 200 hectares of area to potential investors. The main advantage is the central location of the commune. In addition, the areas were joined by the Łódź Special Economic Zone, creating one of the largest sub-zones of the LSEZ in Rozprza.

  - We are prepared for any investor interested in activities in our Commune. Every investment, every work establishment in the commune is an opportunity for the whole local community. The construction of a large investment means new jobs for our residents and a chance for development - says Janusz Jędrzejczyk, the Head of the Rozprza Commune.

You can invest there on over 200 ha owned by the Agricultural Property Agency. According to the local plan, production, industrial and warehouse halls can be built there.

In addition, rail is an attractive transport option. The railway line belonging to the former Vienna railway runs through the commune. Currently, there is a railway siding in Rozprza. It gives you the opportunity to import and export goods and guarantees the speed of delivery.

The location of Rozprza allows also to acquire employees from Piotrków Trybunalski, Radomsko, Bełchatów, Łódź and Częstochowa, 60 km from the commune.

As the JLL summary report regarding the first half of 2018 showed, Central Poland is the most popular warehouse market in the country. Net demand reached, at the end of the first half of 2018, the level of PLN 370 thousand square meters.

- Further investments in the region are driven by excellent infrastructure. The central location at the intersection of the two main highways (A1 and A2) and the S8 two-lane expressway connecting Warsaw with Wrocław that enables the distribution of almost the entire country - says Paulina Dziubińska, Associate Director at JLL.

- Warehouses for rent in the vicinity of Łódź can be called the logistic center of the country - adds Dziubińska from JLL.