Polish e-commerce in an excellent shape

The e-commerce industry in Poland is in an excellent shape, as evidenced by the large investments made by Zalando. The global industry giant will build a 130,000 sqm logistics centre near Olsztynek.

  • The expansion of e-commerce giants drives the growth of the Polish warehouse sector.
  • The estimated value of e-commerce in Poland will exceed PLN 50 billion in 2018.
  • As many as 54 percent of Internet users shop online, and the number is quickly increasing.

“Global players are eager to choose Poland because of its location, rapidly improving infrastructure, attractive rental rates and large workforce potential,” says Tomasz Olszewski, Head of Industrial CEE at JLL. He adds that Zalando is a perfect example of that trend. “Zalando Lounge has chosen Olsztynek due to the availability of conveniently located investment land, the potential of the local labour market, as well as the easy access to the S51 and S7 expressways,” adds Olszewski. JLL experts have represented Zalando in the search for a well-located investment area.

According to JLL data, the expansion of e-commerce giants drives the development of the warehouse sector, which has seen record demand in 2017. Due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, retail chains have leased 1.1 million sqm of warehouse space in the past year, and along with logistics operators are now responsible for over 65 percent of net demand.

“We are witnessing a revolution in commerce. People increasingly buy products online, which means that they are getting them directly from warehouses. Without a doubt, the development of the e-commerce sector and the optimisation of entire supply chains in traditional retail chains are the main factors driving the demand for warehouses,” says Tomasz Olszewski.

According to the report “E-commerce 2018” prepared by Interaktywnie.com, the outlook for Polish e-commerce is very positive. As many as 54 percent of Internet users shop online, and their numbers are quickly increasing. The estimated value of the Polish e-commerce market will increase by 23 percent and likely exceed PLN 50 billion in 2018, only to reach 70 billion in 2020.

Tomasz Olszewski