A huge warehouse for Smyk will be built in Łódź

Smyk’s transaction was brokered by JLL experts. The online store distribution and service centre will be developed in the Panattoni Central European Logistics Hub in Łódź.

The investment project will kick off in early January and will be divided into several stages. The first 26,000 sqm space is scheduled to be delivered in June 2018. As it will be adapted to enable a mezzanine installation, the warehouse will have a locally reinforced floor with a capacity of up to 7 T/sqm, as well as an increased flow of natural light. The first stage of construction works is planned to begin in January, with the completion scheduled for June 2018.

“The rapid growth of online sales has convinced us to open a new logistics centre to support this channel. With triple the current area, the facility will allow us to increase the number of customers and processed orders, as well as to broaden the selection of products and improve their availability. In the decision-making process, we took into account the expansion potential of the facility, its location, and the distance from the central warehouse and courier hubs. Other important factors were its location in the city of Łódź and the existing transport connections,” says Michał Janikowski, Director of the Supply Chain in the Smyk Group.

The lease transaction was brokered by the JLL consulting agency

“The decision to launch a dedicated distribution center is an extremely important moment in Smyk's history, and we are glad that we could have advised on such a strategic project. The flexible solutions we have suggested to Smyk enable the company to continue its rapid growth, satisfying customer demand and unlocking the business potential of e-commerce,” says Paulina Dziubińska, Director of the Industrial Department, JLL.

The centre will be developed by Panattoni Europe. “Panattoni specialises in providing advanced facilities dedicated to companies in the e-commerce industry. This is a response to the demand generated as a result of online sales trends,” says Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director at Panattoni Europe. “The tenants' needs cover many areas, from the location of the facility to its shape,” he adds.

The facility for Smyk will be constructed in the Panattoni Central European Logistics Hub, the largest logistics complex in Poland established by Panattoni, which is already home to a BSH warehouse with a surface area of nearly 80,000 sqm. The hub is located at Jędrzejowska street, near the A1 motorway — the only Polish motorway running north to south. It is situated just 30 km away from the Łódź North junction at the intersection of the A1 and A2 motorways. The hub’s perfect location in central Poland near the intersection of the European East-West and North-South routes, as well as being located within the city limits will facilitate domestic and export logistics and ensure a fast and convenient commute for the employees.

Paulina Dziubińska