Schneider bought a production hall under Zlotoryja

In December, Schneider will start production in the new hall under Zlotoryja. The company bought the hall from Wienerberger. The value of the transaction is confidential. JLL supported Schneider in the process of localizing and negotiating the terms of the purchase agreement.

Industrial building bought by Schneider offers 3.3000 sq m. production space and 500 sq m. offices. The total space of ​​the industrial land is less than three hectares. The production hall under Zlotoryja is the area covered by the activities of the Legnica Special Economic Zone.

- For the purposes of Schneider we were looking for a well-located production hall that would allow both to adapt to the specific activities of Schneider and space for further expansion, along with the development of the company - says Joanna Choromańska, Business Development Manager at JLL.

- Schneider has already 50 years of experience in the German market, and customers of our products are such giants as BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Bosch, Siemens and Continental - said the owner of Schneider Transport Containers, Kai Uwe Schneide.

- As the production is directed to the German market, the key was the factory location near the border. The biggest challenge in the whole process of searching was limited supply of existing halls with specific parameters, which - after a slight adjustment to the customer's needs - you can efficiently run business - adds Joanna Choromańska, JLL.

Joanna Choromańska


JLL: Rhenus Logistics with industrial space in Błonie


Rhenus Logistics S.A. has leased 41,000 sq m. warehouse space in Błonie near Warsaw. Experts from JLL advised Rhenus on selecting the location and negotiation of lease terms.

HiKOKI company for a longer time in Ursus Logistics Center


HiKOKI company (former Hitachi) has extended the lease of the warehouse and office space in Ursus Logistics Center. The Japanese technology group occupies in this investment an area exceeding a total of 2.300 square meters.

DS Smith will move in with the MLP park


DS Smith has signed a lease agreement with MLP Group for 6.500 square meters area in the MLP Czeladź logistics park. The company will move in with the facility at the end of the second quarter of 2019.

Lidl will open new distribution centers


The Lidl network is planning to open two new distribution centers in 2019. This announcement has appeared in the Lidl network plans for the next year.