How to invest in Special Economic Zones?

Special Economic Zones are there to meet both the needs of the investors and the needs of the regions in which they have been created. Together with JLL’s experts, advises on how to invest in SEZs.

Every Special Economic Zone is an administratively separate part of the Polish territory, designed for pursuing business activities on preferential terms.

- The basic benefit of investing in a Special Economic Zone is the possibility of taking advantage of a tax relief in a form of an exemption from income tax.

Currently, the corporate income tax rate in Poland is 19 percent. The maximum income tax exemption is related to the value of state aid available to an individual investor for a particular investment project. - This value depends on the investment location, the size of the enterprise and the amount of investment expenditure – adds JLL’s Choromańska.


What kind of exempton can be granted?

For large enterprises – from 30% to 50% of eligible costs, for mid-sized enterprises – from 40% to 60% of eligible costs and for small enterprises – from 50% to 70% of eligible costs.

Apart from being granted a tax exemption, the entrepreneur can also receive an investment-ready plot of land at a competetive price, free assistance in dealing with formalities related to the investment and (in some municipalities) property tax exemption.


A business permit is neccessary to invest. How to get it?

A company operates in a Special Economic Zone on the basis of a business permit. The permit enlists the conditions that have to be met by the investor. Firstly, it has to create a given number of new jobs in the area of the Zone, secondly - it has to make a specific investment contribution in the Zone.

- In order to be eligible for the permit, the planned enterprise should be reviewed in order to see if it meets the conditions - suggests JLL’s Joanna Choromańska. Business activities that do not qualify are among others: manufacture of explosives, tobacco and alcohol, activities related to gambling, services such as installation, repair and refurbishing of machines and devices used by enterprises in the Zone.



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Joanna Choromańska