Investment memorandum of the land.

The key to the success of a land sale transaction is the correct preparation of investment memorandum. It constitutes an extensive compendium of information on the potential of the plot with regard to its future use by an investor. It is also a calling card of sorts, which is shown to potential buyers.

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of preparing land for sale and know what investors pay attention to? has teamed up with JLL’s experts in order to create an extensive compendium.

We answer your most nagging questions:

  1. Why do I need an extract and a map from the land and property register? Extracts and maps from the land register

  2. Why is it so difficult to correctly assess the legal status of the land? Land and mortgage register

  3. Why is the knowledge on the technical conditions for connecting utilities important for the investor already in the early stage of looking for land? Technical infrastructure

  4. How does the ease of access to road networks affect the value of investment land for sale? Location and access to road networks

  5. Can the sellers obtain environmental approval before an investor appears? Environmental conditions

  6. Why are geotechnical surveys important for the potential buyer of the land? Geotechnical surveys

  7. Can the content of local zoning plans be altered in the process of adapting the plot to meet the demands of a potential buyer? Analysis of planning documents

  8. Under what circumstances should one apply for the decision on land development? Decision on land development


What should I know about the land in order to properly prepare it for sale?How to increase the attractiveness of the land?What are the benefits of cooperating with a municipality?JLL’s experts answer

Katarzyna Bieszczad

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