Project Monitoring or assistance at every stage of industrial investment construction

Monitoring investments to ensure proper and timely implementation of the project. In the process of negotiating a contract tenant interest is secured in the technical and formal aspects. Monitoring can show if all the arrangements are implemented in accordance with the schedule.

- Monitoring of investments consists of several stages during which a series of steps securing the correctness of the work and the consistency of the presented documentation are carried out - JLL experts say. What are the stages? We explain.

Monitoring of the formal and legal steps and obtaining appropriate permits and agreements

The first stage of the investment monitoring begins even before the construction work. It consists of a detailed verification of the prepared materials.

- We check and verify the correctness of the technical and environmental documentation. In addition, the economic assumptions are checked, as well as the schedule and the budget of the planned investment - says Joanna Choromańska, JLL.

- Tenants gain on their side a professional advisor, so that can one can face any challenge of the multifaceted project to build a new factory - says Wojciech Zielecki, JLL.


Proper realization of investments

As part of the investment monitoring all construction works are being verified. At this stage in the monitoring investments performed construction works are regularly controlled. In addition, the advisor is part of the technical commissioning and hand over team, as well as checks are related to work safety and health regulations and compliance with environmental legislation.

- The tenant can focus on business and be sure that its interests during the ongoing investment will be fully secured - adds Wojciech Zielecki with JLL.


Final approval

The final stage of both the investment and its monitoring is the stage of final hand over of the object. This is a crucial stage, during which advisor prepares a detailed list of possible defects to be corrected before the final, formal completion of the investment.

This stage ends with obtaining a valid occupancy permit for use. In addition, the final acceptances all the other systems are made.

Joanna Choromańska

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