Real estate marketing – effective promotion of your offer in the market

How to attract potential customers? How to present your offer to draw the attention of an investor? These are fundamental questions for both investment land owners and commercial real estate developers. This is where real estate marketing comes in handy, as it provides you with tools that can help you stand out among competition.

Real estate owners are not always aware that in a crowded market, proper presentation is key to persuading clients. A strong competitive advantage can be achieved through marketing efforts that include reaching the target audience by using materials presenting the potential of the property and all the strong points of the offer.

Needs analysis

Before choosing the right tools and solutions that will allow for an effective presentation of the offer, one should conduct analyses highlighting the major advantages of the property. But that’s not all. It is important to consider whether the offer has just appeared on the market or has been waiting for a client for some time. In the second case, you may need to reconsider previous promotional efforts and change your strategy or even create entirely new materials presenting the offer.

Analysing the needs related to the way the property is presented makes it possible to choose the element that is most likely to draw the attention of a client – whether it is the property itself, its location or favourable financial terms that should be emphasised in its presentation. Conducting a proper needs analysis guarantees that the presentation is effective and helps you find a client.

A wide range of solutions

Real estate marketing allows you to select from a wide range of tools that make it possible to present an existing building, a facility under construction or investment land in an attractive way. Clients can find comprehensive information about the given facility in the investment memorandum, a compendium of knowledge related to the offer. It contains complete documentation of the property, as well as photos, maps and descriptions of amenities and solutions available to the client.

However, not every offer has to be presented in such a comprehensive way. The owner can also use solutions that emphasise specific strong points. To this end, one can use photographs of the facility itself, as well as aerial photographs presenting its immediate surroundings and its location relative to roads, cities or specific places. Buildings and their surroundings can also be presented on an interactive 360-degree panorama that can be displayed on a website and allows for zooming in and out to take a closer look at the facility and the infrastructure around it. What’s more, both photos and panoramas can be enhanced with visualisations of facilities, which are an interesting way to present the potential options for land development or the final appearance of the investment project.

Another popular tool in real estate marketing is aerial videos. This is a particularly interesting mode of presentation in the case of logistics centres, which often consist of several facilities, while an unusual perspective is required to present their surroundings. Video shots make it possible to highlight specific points and direct the client’s attention to the most attractive features of the property. Moreover, depending on the owner’s needs, both online and offline solutions can be developed, thus increasing the potential of the offer.

Quality comes first

The attractiveness of marketing materials determines how interesting they seem to their audience. This is why, regardless of the type of the tools used, particular attention should be given to their quality. It is important for photographs and videos to have technical specifications that make them work equally well when printing high quality materials or presenting on a large screen. Additionally, retouching allows to present the facility from an exceptionally attractive perspective, with proper lighting and colour contrast. The quality of presentation materials significantly affects their reception and makes it possible to stand out among offers that, despite having similar technical parameters, are much less memorable.

The owner’s image

Every form of presentation is a reflection of the property, but also its owner, who should inspire trust as a potential business partner. The impression created with marketing materials has a major impact on how well the advantages of the offer are emphasised, but also on how the cooperation with the owner is perceived. This is why investing in effective marketing efforts to create an attractive, high-quality presentation can bring immediate results and help achieve sales targets.

Tomasz Olszewski
Tomasz Mika


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