The best offer for tenants

When you are looking for a warehouse or production area for rent, you should be aware of whole process complexity, which consist of several steps. Problems appear at the level of clarifying needs and defining specific expectations. Meanwhile, tenant has to face a whole series of negotiations, which should be terminated in gainful way for him. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a strategy, which will enable obtaining as many benefits as possible. In this case knowledge of consultant may become invaluable and save a lot of tenant’s time.

Warehouse consultant is a person dedicated to the particular region of Poland. It means that the region of Warsaw is operated by one person, but for instance region of Poznan by someone else. This makes each consultant focused on specific region and allows gaining extensive knowledge of the market – lease terms, available buildings and potential future offers. Consultant has also knowledge of the area that will be released in near future.

This allows future tenants to plan the moment of entry into the warehouse. The investor can also find out when a developer plans to start construction of a new speculative building in the region. What's more, the advisor can offer individual solutions by constructing a BTS object – built to suit the needs of company.

Each tenant wants to rent a surface on the most favourable terms. Their accomplishment is possible only through appropriate knowledge and market understanding. Consultant with experience in the field of leases and negotiations, knows which elements should be paid extra attention during the process. As a result, it is possible to obtain the lowest rents, favourable conditions for terminating the contract or various types of savings.

Saving time

Undoubtedly, people responsible for finding warehouse area, would like this to proceed without any complications. Unfortunately, it is not always perfect. The larger area customer is looking for, the more problems, but also opportunities appear. The quest for answers and solutions on your own can take long period and time is quickly running out. Since the emergence of demand for warehouse space, to the entrance to the facility, it usually passes from a few to several months. The first two months are devoted to the analysis of the situation and to clarify the tenant’s needs, pertaining to the seeking area. After analysis, there will be sent an inquiry to the selected group of developers. The next step is an inspection of proposed sites and meetings with the owners. At this moment occurs a verification of proposals introduced by developers for commercial and technical conditions.  Sometimes the process is very tedious for people who do not have experience in evaluating adaptation of the surface to the needs of the company.

Subsequently, there are conducted negotiations of lease conditions and it is created a list of the best solutions. You must be aware of a fact, that carrying out the process of renting warehouse space requires a huge input of time and work. Advice of consultant is a great simplification, because he controls each phase and often can shorten any decision-making processes. As you know – time is money. Therefore, cooperation with the advisor relates to such an important aspect, during renting a warehouse - savings and negotiating costs.

Majority of tenants claim, that the most important factor is lease object’s price, so essentially rent. Tenant without an advice of a consultant is unable to obtain specific information on the conditions he can expect. Why? Because there is no something such as market rate for a warehouse. It depends on availability of the area and customer requirements. Besides, not every market situation is the same. There are regions where conditions are set by the developers, but also where the tenant plays the major role when determining financial conditions. In spite of all, the biggest impact on a final rate have negotiations. The knowledge and experience of the consultant may be in this case the guarantee of getting the lowest possible rent. In addition, the consultant prepares a comprehensive analysis of the warehouse market and all costs. During the analysis, many factors are taken under consideration, such as availability of employees, location and road infrastructure. In most cases it also influences tenant’s savings.

The consultant can draw key conclusions from this analysis: is it worth to stay and renew the contract with the current developer or better to look for a new location, which will guarantee more favourable lease terms and modern space. Especially when we are talking about large area - from 10 000 m2 - a good analysis and negotiations result in underestimated savings, reaching tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of Euros per year.

Tomasz Olszewski
Tomasz Mika