Half a million square metres rated as 'Very Good' under BREEAM since the beginning of the year – a further four certificates awarded to Panattoni


Panattoni tes with ratings of 'Very Good' for its latest buildings. Each has passed a multi-criteria assessment of their impact on the environment. The buildings come from four separate projects: Panattoni Park Gorzów Wielkopolski, Panattoni Central European Logistics Hub, Panattoni BTS Amazon Łódź and Panattoni Warsaw Janki South. In this year alone, Panattoni has already been awarded certificates with ratings of 'Very Good' for over 520,400 sqm of space.

Panattoni to develop another green cross-dock centre for DB Schenker


Panattoni, the leading industrial developer in Europe, is developing another modern and ecologically sustainable cross-docking terminal for DB Schenker. The 6,000 sqm centre is to be built within the Rzeszów-Dworzysko Science and Technology Park. It will be equipped with a range of solutions to protect the environment as well as intelligent systems to optimise logistic operations. The developer is to hand the centre over in January 2021 and the development has already been accredited as an innovative centre by the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency.

Panattoni latest investment: almost 54,000 sqm in Nadarzyn near Warsaw


Panattoni has announced its latest investment along the S8 route (Białystok–Warsaw–Wrocław) in the Warsaw region. This time the developer has purchased a 12.56 ha plot close to Nadarzyn for Panattoni Park Warsaw South, which will have an area of almost 54,000 sqm. Building permit in place and construction work on the complex is to start in January 2021.

City Logistics Kraków I has a new tenant – InPost takes up over 9,000 sqm


Panattoni is building a logistics centre for InPost in the Małopolska region. The well-known logistics operator will occupy over 9,000 sqm within a new city logistics park in Kraków. The complex is to be ready in September 2021 and will eventually be made up of two halls with a combined area of 36,500 sqm.

Panattoni developing 1.5 million sqm across Europe in Q3


Panattoni had a busy third quarter, marked by the development of e-commerce and manufacturing space. At the end of September, the company had 1.5 mln sqm of warehouse space under construction across Europe. Panattoni also started the construction of a distribution centre for Amazon in Schortens (Germany), as well as of the Wakefield 515 speculative project in Yorkshire (UK). In Poland, the developer began construction of a production facility for Danfoss Poland, carried on with work on a grill factory for Weber, and continued the development of e-commerce space at its parks as well as in its BTS projects.

Panattoni buys land outside Warsaw


Panattoni is to expand its warehousing assets near Warsaw. Already the developer has 176,000 sqm of industrial space at its disposal in the village of Janki and it has just announced the creation of more. The company has purchased a further 3.14 ha next to the S8 - one of the most important expressway roads in Poland (Wrocław – Białystok). Such a location makes it easy to provide Warsaw itself with logistics services as well as the rest of the country and Europe.

Panattoni starts work on modern ecological factory for Danfoss Poland - 12,000 sqm in Grodzisk Mazowiecki


Panattoni has started construction work on a factory for Danfoss Poland in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The development with an area of 12,000 sqm will be equipped with several ecologically friendly systems that will make the building highly energy-efficient and also improve the conditions for the workforce of around 400 people. The building is scheduled to be completed in November 2021.

Pneuhage Serwis Opon Sp. z o.o. to join tenants in MLP Poznań


The European tire and rim distributor will occupy about 6,000 sq m of modern warehouse space. During the negotiations, the company was represented by JLL.

Work starts on the construction of Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III


Panattoni is expanding in Upper Silesia. The developer has started the construction of Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska III, which will eventually have an area of 70,000 sqm. The project is in the middle of the Silesian conurbation near the A1 and A2 motorways, which will give it excellent connections to the most important towns and cities of both the region and the country.

Panattoni to build another city park: City Logistics Kraków I


Panattoni is to build a city park in Kraków - City Logistics Kraków I will have a total area of 36,500 sqm. The first of two buildings is to be ready in September 2021 and the first tenant, a logistics operator specialising in last mile deliveries, has already leased 9,040 sqm.

New Park totalling 60,000 sqm – West of Łódź


Panattoni is to deliver a central warehouse in Łódź for school and nursery school supplies. Their distributor has leased 11,200 sqm in Panattoni Park Łódź West, which is currently under construction. The building is to be built in Konstantynów Łódzki, near two express roads 8 km from the international airport. It is the developer's first investment project on the western side of Łódź.

Work starts on Panattoni's third park in Bydgoszcz. Reconext leases 12,800 sqm


Panattoni has begun the construction of Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz III with a planned area of 43,000 sqm. The first tenant is Reconext, a company that services electronic equipment, and the size of the lease is 12,800 sqm. The building is to be constructed to BREEAM 'Very Good' certification standards, and solar panels are to be installed for the use of the tenant.

Panattoni boosts e-commerce in the Tricity by leasing 52,000 sqm to for Globalway in Gdańsk


Panattoni, the European industrial space leader, is continuing to strengthen its position in Pomerania as the local infrastructure rapidly improves in the region and the e-commerce segment booms. One of Panattoni’s existing customers, Globalway – a supplier of (among others) toys, furniture, sports accessories and interior furnishings produced in China – has decided to lease the whole of Panattoni Park Tricity East IV. This has been made possible thanks to the close cooperation of the developer with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), which is supporting the project by providing investment incentives for Globalway. The 52,000 sqm complex is to be built in the eastern part of Gdańsk, where the tenant will be ready to move in as soon as the first quarter of 2021

Expansion of Panattoni Park Tychy


Panattoni is to enlarge Panattoni Park Tychy, primarily to make room for the expansion of Regesta in the complex. The logistics operator has opted to increase the space it occupies in the park almost threefold, from 6,500 sqm at present to 17,200 sqm. The latest stage of the complex is to be completed in February 2021, with Regesta starting operations in the new space in March. After the extension work, Panattoni Park Tychy will have a total area of 52,934 sqm.

Urban Logistics and Small Business Units in City Logistics Warsaw V – Panattoni to develop 11,000 sqm in Warsaw


Panattoni has another development in Warsaw. In the Rembertów district, construction has begun on City Logistics Warsaw V with a total area of over 11,000 sqm. The building is dedicated to Warsaw logistics and has been built with Small Business Unit modules with a minimum size of 1,080 sqm. The work is to be completed in Q2 2021.

Panattoni to build 40,000 sqm factory building in Kalisz


Panattoni is to build a production plant of 40,000 sqm in Kalisz. The tenant is a leading German producer of industrial equipment. The BTS project is to be completed in the third quarter of 2021.

Panattoni is to start construction work on the 9,000 sqm City Logistics Warsaw Airport II centre next to Warsaw's southern bypass


Panattoni has announced another Warsaw development, which is to be built on a 1.9 ha site next to the S7 junction with the S8 expressway just a few kilometres from Warsaw's Chopin Airport. City Logistics Warsaw Airport II will have an area of 9,000 sqm and construction work is to begin in August.

Media Expert leases 12,000 sqm at Panattoni Business Center Łódź III, which is now fully leased


Panattoni has signed its latest lease with Terg, the owner of the Media Expert consumer electronics chain. The tenant is to occupy more than 12,000 sqm at Panattoni Business Center Łódź III in the city’s Widzew district, which it will be taking up in September 2020.

Panattoni to build 12,820 sqm Radom plant for AZZ Specialty Welding Europe


Panattoni is to build an advanced hi-tech manufacturing and warehouse complex for AZZ Specialty Welding Europe. The 12,820 sqm facility will be located in Radom. The construction project is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2020, while the tenant should be able to move in March 2021.

Pharmaceutical group Pelion SA selects 7R Park Łódź West I


The Medezin factory has started production in a 7R investment in Konstantynów Łódzki. This is the second brand that belongs to the Pelion Group, the largest healthcare company in Poland, which operates in the 7R Park Łódź West I. The storage area for Medezin was designed in the BTS formula and was adapted to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

BWI Group moves into a passive building by 7R


BWI Group, a global automotive suspension parts design and manufacturing company, has moved into a unique passive building in Europe. The group's research and development centre will operate in Balice near Krakow, where advanced technologies will be developed to increase the functionality of shock absorbers.