15 new permits in the Suwałki SEZ

15 business permits were issued by the Suwałki Special Economic Zone in 2017, as reported by the zone authorities. The companies are going to invest a total of about PLN 268 million.

Five of the permits were issued in the subzone of Suwałki, four in the Ełk subzone, two in both Gołdap and Białystok, and one in Łomża and Czyżewo. The largest investment project in the zone is the construction of three facilities by TANNE, a subsidiary of Forte. The company will spend PLN 700 million to build a new warehouse, a chipboard production plant and a furniture factory along with logistics infrastructure, all of which will be completed by 2020.

The zone authorities have declared the two expansions of the area of the Suwałki SEZ to be one of the most important events of the past year. In May, the zone’s nineteenth subzone was established in Augustów, while in November, the Suwałki subzone was extended by 14.5 ha.

Joanna Choromańska