26 business permits in the Łódź SEZ

In 2017, the Łódź Special Economic Zone granted 26 permits to conduct business within its territory, which is about 40% more than in 2016. The expenditures declared by investors are also bigger—they will invest over PLN 1.2 billion.

“It was a good year for the Zone,” says Marek Michalik, President of ŁSEE S.A. “Some of the more notable investments are the one by Miele Technika, which opens a new chapter in the history of Ksawerów, as well as fast-growing projects such as the Startup Spark accelerator and Strefa RozwoYou, which supports the development of competencies in small and medium enterprises. We also began the construction of a warehouse and production facility for SMEs.”

“Importantly, we have seen an increasing interest in subzones among local companies,” emphasises Agnieszka Sygitowicz, Vice President of ŁSSE S.A. “We have managed to challenge the stereotype of zones being targeted at corporations. We are also developing other core areas to be more friendly towards SMEs, which are one of the pillars of the Polish economy. The Strefa RozwoYou project has strengthened competencies in SMEs through signing 200 contracts with entrepreneurs and issuing 100,000 training vouchers for the total amount of PLN 6 million to their employees. Moreover, we have already contracted 27 startups in the Startup Spark accelerator, and we are now supporting another one. Some partners are accelerating more than Ericsson and P&G,” adds Agnieszka Sygitowicz.

Joanna Choromańska