Bridgestone has completed the expansion of a warehouse in Poznań

Bridgestone has completed the expansion of the warehouse at its factory in Poznań. As writes, now one can store a million tires in it. The opening of the new part of the warehouse is part of the planned expansion of the Bridgestone Poznań plant by 2022.

The opening of the new part of the warehouse forms the end of the first stage of the plant's expansion, the aim of which is to increase production capacity and efficiency. Investment plans include equipping the plant with a new machine park and implementing modern technological solutions.

As we read in the company's statement, every day in the factory in Poznań, there are produced 31.000 tires. The aim of the investment plan announced by Bridgestone in October 2017 is to increase productivity to 40.000 tires daily.

- To make this possible, we are implementing a number of investment projects, and one of them is the completed expansion of the warehouse. So far it has occupied 45.000 square meters and we have stored almost 700.000 tires there for passenger cars. Now we have increased its area by more than 50 percent - up to 65.000 square meters, thanks to which we will be able to intensify production - said the managing director of Bridgestone Poznań, Roman Staszewski.

The Japanese company will allocate a total of 160 million euros for the planned investments at the Poznań plant.