DPD sorting plant starts in Parzniew

DPD Polska opened a new sorting plant in Parzniew near Warsaw. The 14,000 sqm facility will serve the Warsaw region and the northeastern and eastern Poland from Olsztyn through Ełk and Białystok in the north to Kielce and Zamość in the south.

The new sorting plant has a warehouse with an area of over 11 thousand sqm and less than 3 thousand sqm of office space. For efficient parcel handling 120 gates are available, and the manoeuvring area occupies more than 4.6 ha.

VanRiet two-level sorter, equipped with 20 telescopic belt conveyors, has a capacity of 15,000 standard parcels per hour. Additionally, the sorting plant is equipped with two lines for handling non-standard parcels with a capacity of approx. 6,000 per hour and two belts for small parcels and foil bags with a capacity of approx. 10,000 parcels per hour.

The sorting plant in Parzniew, which started operating at the end of October this year, will develop its full functionality in three phases. The first, start-up, has already been completed. Currently, in the second stage, which will last until the end of January 2019, the sorting plant handles 70-80 thousand parcels per day.

In the third one, which should be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2019, up to 150 thousand packages will be handled. In the period of the nearest parcel peak, the sorting plant plans daily capacity of about 130 thousand parcels. The target capacity will be up to 250,000 packages per day.

The sorting plant will eventually employ about 250 employees, of which 25 percent will be women. The processes have been designed in such a way that the work is fully effective and physically lighter.

- The sorting plant in Parzniew is one of the most modern facilities of this type in Poland. In addition to advanced equipment and sorters, it’s equipped with a comfortable social and office area. Our employees and co-workers have at their disposal, among others, a comfortable cloakroom with showers, a canteen, as well as relaxation zones, where they can take advantage of massage chairs and game consoles. Offices in turn are equipped with, among others, Wi-Fi which deliver exceptionally fast wired and wireless connectivity and wireless chargers for the smartphones - says Rafał Nawłoka, President of the Management Board of DPD Polska.

The aim of the sorting plant is to significantly improve and accelerate processes and thus increase the operational potential of DPD Poland. The new logistics model assumes a certain degree of decentralisation of logistics processes. Thanks to shorter distances between the branches and the sorting plant in Parzniew, the efficiency of transport is higher and the company is better prepared for the growing volumes as a result of the expansion of e-commerce. DPD Poland plans further development of its infrastructure in this model.

- The distances covered by our fleet between the Warsaw Regional Sorting Plant and the branches are shorter, which makes the current activities more efficient and profitable, as well as less burdensome for the natural environment, which is one of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) priorities for the DPD group - adds Rafał Nawłoka.

General Contractor for the facility in Parzniew was Hillwood, and the equipment was supplied by VanRiet, Amsort and Budde, among others. The warehouse has been designed in the "Build-to-suit" model, which assumes the adaptation of the building to the previously parameterised equipment (devices) for the specific needs of the customer.