DSV in P3 Błonie park

P3 has signed a lease contract with DSV for over 33.000 square meters in the P3 Błonie park. This is the first contract concluded between companies in Poland.

In Błonie, DSV will move into warehouse number 16, which will take over 32.000 square meters of warehouse space and almost 900 square meters of offices. The facility has been equipped with such panels as PIR core panels (effectively insulating the building from external conditions), solar panels for heating utility water and energy-efficient LED lighting. In front of the building there are 54 parking spaces for passenger cars and 44 for trucks.

- I am glad that the next big, recognizable brand as DSV appreciates the potential of the P3 Błonie park. Its convenient location combined with a flexible P3 approach to the needs of customers means that for many years it has been willingly chosen by companies from various industries. We always try to meet their expectations and provide the area best suited to their requirements - says Bartłomiej Hofman, Managing Director of P3 Logistic Parks in Poland.

The DSV Group has offices and branches in over 80 countries on 6 continents. It has been present in Poland since 1995 and employs almost 2.000 employees. Throughout the country, it has over 150.000 square meters of warehouse space.