Electrolux will lease more space in MLP Pruszków I

Electrolux will extend the surface area of its leased warehouse space in MLP Pruszków I by about 3,700 sqm. The additional space will be delivered by the end of 2017.

Electrolux Poland has concluded a contract with MLP Group to increase the amount of the modern space leased by the company in the MLP Pruszków I logistics park by additional 3,700 sqm. In addition, the company’s railway platform will be redeveloped under the agreement.

Electrolux Poland, which has been leasing from MLP Group since 2013, occupies about 17,600 sqm of warehouse space. After the conclusion of the new contract, it will be extended to over 21,300 sqm.

The delivery of the additional space is planned to take place by the end of 2017. At the same time, Electrolux can now receive short-term leases for about 6,300 sqm of warehouse space for the duration of the lease contract. This amounts to a total of approx. 27,000 sqm of space which can be used by Electrolux under the signed contracts.

MLP Pruszków I is the first park created by MLP Group. In total, 170,695 sqm of warehouse and industrial space has been developed in the 43-hectare park.