JYSK grows in P3 Piotrków

P3 has leased over 35.000 sqm of new warehouse space in P3 Piotrków to JYSK, so the area occupied by the company increased to over 80.000 sqm.

Surfaces rented by JYSK in the P3 Piotrków Park function as buffer storage. Products collected there feed the process of preparing orders for the JYSK stores, which takes place in the distribution center in Radomsko. From there, products are being transported to stores in nearly 25 countries.

- Along with dynamic development of our Company in Central Europe region, we have decided to once again increase rented space in the P3 Piotrków park. Warehouses consolidated in one place significantly streamline operations related to the storage and distribution of our products. Together with newly built object in P3 Piotrków we will use almost 250.000 sqm of warehouse area in Central Poland - comments Paweł Walter, Director of the JYSK Distribution Centre in Radomsko

Cooperation between JYSK and P3 began in 2017, when the company rented over 10.500 sqm of warehouse space. A few months later they decided to build BTS warehouse with an area of 37.000 sqm. After the occupation of two subsequent, just completed warehouses, the total area occupied by the company increased to over 80.000 sqm- that is eight times more, than at the beginning of cooperation. JYSK is currently the largest tenant of the P3 Piotrków Park.