Jysk with 250,000 sqm in Central Poland

P3 has delivered a 37,000 sqm warehouse to the international retail chain JYSK. In the one year since the partnership started, the surface area of the space rented by JYSK increased five times. It currently occupies almost 50,000 sqm in the logistics park in Piotrków.

In 2017, JYSK started working with P3 Piotrków, renting 10,504 sqm of space in the park. In the same year, due to high demand, it opted for a dedicated warehouse, thus significantly increasing the occupied surface area. For the duration of the construction works, P3 provided the client with a temporary space.

“We are happy to be able to provide the leading manufacturer of interior furnishings with such a large warehouse base. We always strive to meet the needs of our clients. In the case of JYSK, we achieved this not just by providing the tenant with a dedicated space that has been adjusted to its needs, but also by offering the rent of an additional 10,000 sqm space for the duration of the construction,” says Andrzej Wroński, Group Head of Asset Management in the P3 Logistic Park.

The facility has a height of 10 m and is equipped with PIR core panels that effectively insulate the building from external conditions, as well as energy-efficient LED lighting. The space rented by Jysk in the P3 Piotrków Park will function as a buffer warehouse. It will be used to store goods for several months before shipping them to the company’s main distribution warehouse in Radomsko, from where they will be delivered to individual stores and customers.

“Our decision to work with P3 was driven by our previous experience with the company, a good location that fits into the JYSK logistics model, as well as a very short route from decision to project implementation. Despite the very tight schedule, the facility was put into operation within the originally anticipated timeframe. JYSK is dynamically developing its sales network, especially in the Central Europe region. As a customer-focused company, we work to provide high availability of goods on the shelves. This results in high demand for warehouse space—we currently occupy 250,000 sqm of warehouse space in Central Poland, including our own facilities in Radomsko,” says Bartek Tulejko, Logistics Director CEE at Jysk.

P3 is a long-term investor, owner, developer, and administrator of logistics facilities.

Tomasz Mika