Katowice SEZ, has already reached almost 30 percent of the 2017 plans

Over 170 millions zloty will contribute Katowice Special Economic Zone, according to three projects for which permissions were given in March.

Taking under account acquired investments made since the beginning of the year, it means that in the first quarter, the biggest special economic zone will accomplish almost third part of their one year long plans. Number of new project this year is much higher than during corresponding period of 2016, 7 already granted permissions allowed us to reach one third of our year goals. It is an optimistic result if we consider, that the first quarter hasn’t passed yet – says Piotr Wojaczek, chairman of KSEZ Co.

Plans of KSEZ Co. For 2017 assumes to acquire 25 new investment projects worth over 1 billion zlotys, involving the creation of over thousand new jobs places. The parameters of the seven permissions given from the beginning of the year allowed the largest Polish special economic zone to reach almost 30 percent. of assumptions in March about the number of new jobs (over 330 new job places have already been declared) and in 25% realize value of the investment (over 260 million zlotys investment outlay have been declared).

New investors

In March a tender was settled, in which new investor of KSEZ was appointed and due to conducted negotiations, two investment projects were approved by the current investors of the zone. As a result, nearly 300 new job places will be created in the largest Polish economic zone and entrepreneurs have declared more than 170 million zloty investments.

The new investor in Gogolin will be the German company Hengst. The manufacturer of parts and accessories for motor vehicles purchased an area of 6 hectares within the investment worth 66 million zlotys, the company will create at least 130 new job places. This is the second company after Sentrex, that will operate in the industrial area of Gogolin, conveniently located near Opole, near the A4 motorway and in the vicinity of the railway connecting Silesia with Opole, Wroclaw and Western Europe.

Another investment in KSEZ is realized by Brembo company, largest investor of sosnowiecko-dąbrowska subzone. Italian representative of automotive industry will maintain the existing 1139 job places until 2020. There will also be at least 10 other new jobs in the company. According to the granted permission, the new project entails additional investment outlays of 100 million zlotys. Brembo has already completed investments worth over 714 million zlotys in the sosnowiecko-dabrowska subzone. In Dabrowa Gornicza plant, a new generation of cast iron shields for the automotive industry and innovative composite shields are produced, there is also research and development department.

As a result of the negotiations, Rockwell Automation's terms of implementation were also determined. American company, on area included in the KSEZ, at the end of December 2016, in Katowice, will realize an investment that will involve creation of 150 new jobs in the automated technology industry with investment contribution over 5.5 million zlotys. The Rockwell Automation project will be implemented on land owned by the State Treasury and Echo 135 company, whose inclusion in the KSEZ has been made due to the planned investment.

From the beginning of 2017 Katowice SEZ Co. in addition to the previous permissions in March, has granted four more. New investors, who declared expenditure worth over 90 million zlotys and creation over 30 new jobs, became Bio Technika Magazynowa in Ujazd, Pomarez in Bytom and two representatives of SMBs from Czetochowa: PMS4 and Promatek Media Julia Pogorzelska. In the following weeks, it is expected that five next proceedings concerning permissions to operate in KSEZ will be settled.

Joanna Choromańska