KSEZ: 51 investments for over PLN 2.5 billion

In 2018, the Katowice Special Economic Zone S.A. acquired 51 investments for over PLN 2.5 billion. Thanks to them, there will be at least 2.100 jobs in the region and these companies will maintain their current employment of over 20.000 employees.

- We are not slowing down in the Katowice SEZ. After record-breaking, in the 22-year history of the KSEZ, in 2017, in which we acquired 58 projects, in 2018 we almost repeated this result. We have attracted as many as 51 investments to the region for over PLN 2.5 billion, including as many as 11 investment projects for the amount of over PLN 930 million based on new regulations within the Polish Investment Zone - says the chairman of the KSEZ, dr Janusz Michałek. - These projects will allow entrepreneurs to create at least 2.152 new jobs in the zone and maintain 20.091 existing positions – he adds.

In 2018, the KSEZ was attractive above all for the automotive and metal industry, but investments in the Katowice SEZ will also be implemented by entrepreneurs from the electrical and electronics sectors, as well as construction, wood, plastics, food, household appliances, logistics and warehousing sectors.

- The last year of investment in our zone, which since September 2018 is part of the Polish Investment Zone, was a very large activity of domestic enterprises - says Barbara Piontek, deputy chairperson of the Katowice SEZ. - Polish companies will realize almost 50% of all projects acquired by us in 2018. They will invest nearly PLN 980 million and create over 450 new jobs - adds Piontek.

As estimated by Barbara Piontek, in 2018 the KSEZ also maintained 40 percent participation of small and medium-sized companies among their investors, preparing for them an offer tailored to the needs of small and medium business. - We are pleased by the growing interest in our small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2018, we attracted as many as 20 projects implemented by the SME sector. Thanks to them, 719 people will find work and entrepreneurs will maintain 1086 existing positions - declares Piontek.