LPP wants to establish a warehouse network

“In today’s world, logistics is key”, says Przemysław Lutkiewicz, Vice-President of LPP. The company intends to create a warehouse network. In response to the growing volume of sales through online channels, the company has rented more logistics centres and is now looking for a location to build its own warehouse.

“We are looking for a location to construct our second logistics centre in Poland, next to the one in Pruszcz Gdański. Establishing a warehouse network enables us to deliver products to the end consumer within 24 hours,” says Przemysław Lutkiewicz, Vice-President of LPP, interviewed by Propertynews.pl.

LPP has been regularly recording increases in its online sales. In December 2017, revenue from online sales amounted to approximately PLN 61 million and was higher by approx. 135% compared to sales recorded in December 2016. In the entire year 2017, online sales amounted to PLN 365 million, which translates into a year-over-year increase of about 111%.

“Today, rapid delivery time is one of the key customer expectations. This is why we continuously improve our distribution network. Only this year, we have rented two distribution centers—one in Stryków near Łódź, and one in Moscow—adds Lutkiewicz, quoted by Propertynews.pl.

In the coming months, LPP plans to lease two more logistics centres, one in Great Britain and one in Southern Europe.