MLP Group has grand plans for 2017

MLP Group intends to launch several new projects in 2017. One of them will involve the expansion of a new logistics park in Czeladź in the Upper Silesia region.

“This year, our minimum target is to keep contracting warehouse space at a similar rate, but we expect to achieve an even better result. We are on a good path to achieve this goal, as we intend to launch several new investment projects,” says Radosław T. Krochta, CEO of MLP Group.

One of them will involve the expansion of a new logistics park in Czeladź in the Upper Silesia region. “We have also purchased two plots, one in Wrocław and one in Szałsza near Gliwice. We are also preparing to construct new logistics parks near Poznań, Łódź and Stryków. Moreover, we are planning to expand to the German market, as well as purchase investment land in the Romanian market. This will ensure the continued dynamic growth of the Group’s value,” adds Radosław T. Krochta.

MLP Group has had a successful year

MLP Group signed 27 lease agreements last year, leasing over 95,500 thousand square metres of warehouse and office space, the company has said. 62,800 sqm of the space was leased by new clients in newly developed facilities.

Among the new clients, the largest amount of space was leased by Makro Cash & Carry Polska, for which MLP Group will deliver a total of 27,900 sqm of space in three logistics parks: MLP Pruszków II, MLP Wrocław and MLP Czeladź. The company Auto Partner – an importer and distributor of spare parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles – leased 18,700 sqm of space in MLP Pruszków II and MLP Bieruń. Makita – a company specializing in the distribution of electric motors and power tools – will lease 9,800 sqm of space in MLP Pruszków II. Lastly, ABM – a company manufacturing engines and drive systems – will have at its disposal an area of 6,400 sqm in MLP Lublin.

Q4 was particularly successful

“A particularly successful period was Q4 2016, when lease agreements totalling 48,600 sqm were concluded, which is more than in the first three quarters of the year. At the end of the last year, MLP Group had a vacancy rate of 2.7 percent. At the same time, nearly 97,400 sqm of space was under construction,” says Radosław T. Kochta, CEO of MLP Group.

MLP Group is one of the leading developers of industrial and warehouse space in Poland. It specializes in developing built-to-suit facilities, which are tailored to the tenants’ needs.

Tomasz Mika