Nowa Huta attracts investors. 17 new plots of land

According to, the northern part of the Economic Activity Zone "Nowa Huta Przyszłości" (SAG) will be ready for future industrial and service investments by the end of November next year. The project will be established on the premises of the Science and Technology Park "Branice".

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Following the implementation of the planned activities, 17 plots of land will be prepared for investors. Currently they are mostly abandoned post-industrial areas. These plots will be fully adjusted to the construction of office buildings or modern production plants. The investment will include the necessary technical infrastructure. The area will also be equipped with e.g. bicycle racks, WiFi network and electric vehicle charging station

According to the plans, over 1.5 km of roads, almost 2 km of sidewalks and 1.3 km of bicycle paths will be built in the northern part of the Economic Activity Zone. A total of more than 2.2 ha will be allocated to green areas, of which almost 50 ares will form a rest and relaxation zone, located in the central part of the area.