Over 10,000 square meters in Nysa for Intersnack Poland

JLL company brokered in signing a contract for the implementation of a warehouse investment in the BTO formula for Intersnack Poland, the owner of such brands as Felix, Crispers and Przysnacki. The building with an area of over 10,000 square meters will be built in Nysa next to the existing production plant of the company.

The warehouse with a total area of ​​over 10,000 square meters will be built in Nysa, adjacent to the existing factory. Between warehouse and the building, at a height of 4.5 meters, a connector designed for transporting goods will be built. Thanks to this, the modern complex will provide the company with flexible and efficient management of the turnover of finished products to the warehouse, and as a result, efficient distribution to the Polish market.

A floor with an increased smoothness standard and LED lighting with motion sensors will be used in the building. The entire investment is located approx. 4 km from the Nysa by-pass, which facilitates access to the A4 motorway running from west to east of Poland.

Intersnack Poland company benefited from the developer's experience and competence in implementing facilities in the BTS and BTO formulas. Panattoni Europe's tasks include not only supervision of construction, commissioning of the finished building and transferring it to the client, but also carrying out legal and administrative procedures - including activities characteristic of brownfield investments.

The developer has converted the land on which the new building is being built and restored it to a suitable condition for the construction of a modern warehouse.

- The biggest challenge during the implementation for Intersnack Polska will be the construction of the warehouse at the production plant. We will have to relocate the plant's supply of electricity, water, and relocate the sewerage network, and build a link to the main internal transport route without interrupting the planned production process - comments Marek Foryński, Managing Director of BTS Group at Panattoni Europe.

- Construction of the factory warehouse was dictated by the organic growth of Intersnack, and this building will streamline processes and generate savings. The Panattoni company has demonstrated a far-reaching commitment and it has presented solutions that will allow the building to be handed in a very short time without affecting current operations - says Joanna Choromańska, Senior Business Development BTS Manager at JLL.

The completion of construction is planned for March 2019.