Panattoni boosts e-commerce in the Tricity by leasing 52,000 sqm to for Globalway in Gdańsk

Panattoni, the European industrial space leader, is continuing to strengthen its position in Pomerania as the local infrastructure rapidly improves in the region and the e-commerce segment booms. One of Panattoni’s existing customers, Globalway – a supplier of (among others) toys, furniture, sports accessories and interior furnishings produced in China – has decided to lease the whole of Panattoni Park Tricity East IV. This has been made possible thanks to the close cooperation of the developer with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), which is supporting the project by providing investment incentives for Globalway. The 52,000 sqm complex is to be built in the eastern part of Gdańsk, where the tenant will be ready to move in as soon as the first quarter of 2021

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The Tricity ports have already made a major contribution to the boom in e-commerce and the warehouse market in Poland. In 2019, the Port of Gdynia handled 24 million tonnes of goods, while the Port of Gdańsk handled a record 52 million tonnes, one of the largest volumes of any Baltic port. Thanks to this, the economy and the warehouse market have been going from strength-to-strength in Pomerania, which, as the sixth largest warehousing region in the country, could soon exceed 1 million sqm of modern warehouse space.

“The Tricity is gradually becoming the leader of all the markets outside the ‘Big Five’. Our first park in Gdańsk had 46,000 sqm of space. This year, the volume of Panattoni’s space in this region will grow to 500,000 sqm. The economic growth of Pomerania – and of the entire country – is being accelerated thanks to the expansion of the Tricity ports and the improvements to the road and rail infrastructure along the Baltic–Adriatic transport corridor. All this, as well as the planned central port in the Bay of Gdańsk, means that the Tricity ports are set to break new transhipment records over the next few years, which will be followed by a growing demand for warehouse space,” says Martyna Sochaczewska, a Senior Leasing Manager of Panattoni.

This has been noted by Panattoni’s clients, especially those active in the e-commerce segment, for whom having sea container ports nearby is crucial. Globalway (part of the Costway group) is one of the largest suppliers of products from the Far East and China, operating in more than 150 countries. Its strategic partners include the likes of Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Wish and Home Depot. When the company started its activities in Poland, its first partner was Panattoni, from which the company leased 3,500 sqm in the developer’s first Gdańsk project – Panattoni Park Gdańsk I. Over time, it has gradually expanded its premises and has now decided to lease 52,000 sqm at Panattoni Park Tricity East IV. This was originally to be a three-building complex, but now the plans have been modified so that just one facility is to be built – exclusively for Globalway.