Panattoni has finished 100.000 sqm construction for Castorama

An official transfer of the centre has been made 1st June 2019 and 18th June there was held a run around the building celebrating finalization of the investment.

Castorama Polska, owned by Kingfisher plc, grows all the time and is constantly increasing its sale, operational profit and range of activity. Currently, this DIY and home improvement industry giant, runs 78 stores in Poland and has announced opening more of them. At the same time, expanding multi-channel sale, provides their customers throughout the country with unlimited access to online offer. Very good results of Castorama Polska are also a result of increased efficiency and development of the supply chain. Its important link is the finalization of 100.000 sqm logistics centre in Stryków by Panattoni Europe and Castorama Polska.

The developer added to the 50.000 sqm built in November 2017, second part the same size. The facility for Castorama Polska is 98,5% warehouse and contains 1450 sqm of social and office space, which has been adapted to the planned employment of 300 people. The investment meets all environmental criteria and has been implemented in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, e.g. use of LED lighting enriched with a dynamic control system.

A final transfer has been made 1st June and the event itself was celebrated in the healthiest possible way – in a sporty way. On Tuesday, 18th June, representatives of Panattoni Europe, Spedimex, JLL, XPO and Castorama started at 11 o’clock and completed full 3 rounds around the warehouse, running a total of approximately 5 km.

A recently completed logistics 100.000 sqm centre is not the only joint investment of Panattoni Europe and Castaroma Polska in Stryków. In 2014, the developer handed over a BTS (build-to-suit) facility, which after the expansion reached the area of 50.000 sqm. The investment has been adapted to the needs of effective management of various sources of supply.

- The first facility that we created for Castorama Polska in Stryków was a forerunner of fruitful cooperation. Its crowning is the just completed logistics centre, which will support the further dynamic development of our client. We are glad that we can be part of this project. - says Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director at Panattoni Europe.

The facility is located in Stryków - one of the most attractive places on the warehouse map of Poland. This city is a real window to the world, because it is located only a few kilometres from the Polish logistics capital – Łódź and is adjacent to the most important communication routes - A2 motorway junction (Stryków II) and road 71 (Zgierz - Stryków) near the national route 14 (Warsaw - Łódź).

- The logistics centre in Stryków is an important element of the development of multi-channel sale. This location will reduce costs and provide faster delivery, which will have a positive impact on prices and convenience on shopping. – comments Wojciech Gondek, director of supply chain, Castorama Poland.

The logistics centre rented by Castorama Polska since December 2018 is owned by TritaxBox plc - a company investing in logistics real estate, which paid 55 million euros for the object. The purchase of the building constructed by Panattoni Europe was the company's eighth project as part of the Tritax Eurobox plc. The company operates inEurope, where it acquires assets playing a key role in the supply chain, logistics and distribution, servicing the most well-established logistics markets and major agglomerations.