Panattoni with DPD Polska in Gdańsk and Poznań - over 7,200 sqm

Panattoni, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, has started the implementation of two sorting plants for DPD Polska. They will be built as part of Panattoni Park Gdańsk Airport and Panattoni Park Poznań X, each of which will have an area of approximately 3,600 sqm. The tenant will start operating in spring 2021.

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The KEP market (courier, express and parcel) is growing rapidly. At the end of March this year companies in this industry recorded a turnover 20% higher than at the beginning of the year, which translated into growing interest and demand for warehouse space. This is confirmed by DPD Polska - part of DPD group, the second largest international courier network in Europe - which is expanding its operations by two new locations within Panattoni's logistics complexes.

Sorting plants with approx. 3,600 sqm each will be built at Panattoni Park Poznań X and Panattoni Park Gdańsk Airport. Adequate process efficiency will be ensured by a sorting system tailored to the customer's needs, and their efficient operation will be guaranteed by numerous gates at level "0" as well as comfortable maneuvering areas.

Construction works will be completed in spring 2021. The Greater Poland and Pomeranian investments are not the only projects implemented by Panattoni for the DPD Polska. In October 2019, the companies extended their lease agreements for facilities with a total area of over 10,000 sqm at Panattoni Park Sosnowiec II and Panattoni Park Kraków III.

"The development of e-commerce, the growth of the express delivery market and the growing demands of consumers require us to constantly modernize the infrastructure. Our goal is to deliver shipments safely, quickly and efficiently. The construction of new facilities is an opportunity to implement energy-saving and sustainable technologies. It also means more effective road connection networks and reduction of CO2 emissions on routes connecting sorting plants and our branches" - comments Rafał Nawłoka, president of the board of DPD Polska.

New investments of DPD Polska comments Michał Samborski, Head of Development from Panattoni: - "Courier companies are looking for the most attractive locations for their sorting plants in order to be as close as possible to the customer and improve operational processes. Thanks to our huge network of logistics parks, we can offer a strategic location, regardless of the region. Cooperation with DPD Polska is the best example. We build facilities for this client in Pomerania and Greater Poland" and adds: -" In 2019, the number of parcels in Poland exceeded half a billion, and according to forecasts it will increase to even 850 million in 2023. The volume of shipments may increase even more if current development of the industry will be maintained".

Panattoni Park Poznań X and Panattoni Park Gdańsk Airport guarantee excellent locations, regardless of the type of tenants' activity. The Pomeranian complex is located in the immediate vicinity of the Lech Walesa airport, as well as 18 km from the Port of Gdańsk and the deepwater container terminal DCT Gdańsk. The distance from the park to the center of the capital of the region is only 15 km. In addition, the Tri-City area lies at the intersection of trade routes connecting Scandinavia with Southern Europe and Poland with the Baltic States.

Panattoni Park Poznań X, located 13 km from the heart of the city, also guarantees close proximity to the center of the region's capital. In addition, the complex is located close to the S11 express road, which will eventually connect the Silesian Voivodeship in the south with West Pomerania in the north. About 1 kilometer from the park lies the A2 motorway, which guarantees efficient transport between the most important logistics centers in Central and Eastern Europe - Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań and Berlin.