SEZs attract new investment projects

According to Rzeczpospolita, special economic zones are one of the most effective incentives attracting investment projects, both domestic and foreign.

In 2016, the total value of expenditure committed in the zones amounted to PLN 12.4 billion. It is more than double the amount committed in 2015, when investors planned projects valued at PLN 5.9 billion. Among other things, an increased interest on the part of small and medium enterprises has been observed. In the Katowice Special Economic Zone, one-third of the new investors were SME companies.

The zones attract investors by offering income tax exemptions, developed land that is connected to the major transport routes, as well as exemptions from local taxes and the organisational support of the companies managing the zones. Another incentive is provided by industry-specific clusters established in the zones, which help investors to exchange their experiences and develop cooperation.

Tomasz Olszewski