The Katowice SEZ is planning investments worth more than one billion zloty

In 2017, the Katowice Special Economic Zone wants to attract 25 new projects with a total value of more than one billion zloty.

“The value of declared capital expenditure and the expected number of new jobs are comparable to our forecasts from twelve months ago regarding the year 2016. We operate in the business area where decisions are influenced by numerous factors, which is why we approach all estimates with considerable caution. However, I believe that this December we will be positively surprised, just as we were in the jubilee year, which we ended with a result that greatly exceeded previous forecasts, being the third best result in our history,” says Piotr Wojaczek, President of the KSEZ.

The Katowice Special Economic Zone has announced that it has acquired the first four investors, with five more permissions expected to be issued in the coming weeks. The new investors, who in total have declared expenditure of more than PLN 90 million, are BITO Storage Systems, Pomarez and two SMEs: PMS4i and Promatek Media Julia Pogorzelska.

New investors

BITO Storage Systems has purchased a 5.9 ha plot in Ujazd (Opole Voivodeship), on which it will implement a project worth PLN 47 million. The German company is a manufacturer of racks, platforms and in-facility systems. It also provides services in the area of planning, implementation and organisation of comprehensive storage systems used in logistics centres and other facilities.
Pomarez has purchased a 2.2 ha plot in Bytom. The Belgian metal industry company will implement a capital project worth PLN 39 million. The Bytom plant will manufacture metal doors and windows, as well as metal parts and structures.
PMS4i, a Polish company from the plastics industry, has bought a 0.5 ha plot in the investment area of Skorki in Częstochowa. The new investor will implement a capital project worth more than PLN 3.7 million. PMS4i specializes in plastic injection services, providing services to companies in the home and garden, home appliances and automotive industries.
Another company investing in Częstochowa is Promatek Media Julia Pogorzelska, which has also bought a 0.5 ha plot in the investment area of Skorki. The manufacturer of books and educational games for children will implement a PLN 2.5 million project.

New land

In 2017, the Management Board of the Katowice Special Economic Zone will be following up on the activities related to the incorporation of new investment land into the Zone at the end of 2016. The change in the Zone’s boundaries has increased its area by a total of 269 hectares.
The expansion involved 241 ha of public land located in 13 localities: Krzepice, Lędziny, Ogrodzieniec and Woźniki, which have not been a part of the Katowice SEZ, as well as in Bielsko-Biała, Godów, Jastrębie-Zdrój, Oleśno, Radziechowice-Wieprz, Racibórz, Wodzisław Śląski, Zabrze and Zawiercie, where already existing areas belonging to the Zone have been expanded.

The remainder of the newly incorporated areas (almost 28 ha in total) is land owned by the State Treasury that has been used by enterprises operating there.

Joanna Choromańska