Żabka develops warehouses

Żabka chain is looking for more than 50 employees, including forklift operators and specialists operating warehouse processes to the Center in Szałsza near Gliwice and in Będzieszyn near Pruszcz Gdański.

In the center of Szałsza, twenty forklift operators will be employed in the near future, and in Będzieszyn thirty forklift operators and specialists operating warehouse processes will be employed.

In addition to the operators, there are also jobs intended for warehousemen, warehouse strategy specialists, controllers, shipment specialists, dispatchers, logistics support specialists and an analyst.

The logistics center in Będzieszyn was opened in 2015. The total area of ​​the building is approx. 27 000 square meters, including over 24 900 square meters of warehouse space. The Center operates deliveries to over 900 stores located from Bydgoszcz, through Gdańsk to Koszalin, Elbląg and Olsztyn.

In turn, the center in Szałsza near Gliwice was launched at the beginning of 2018. Its total area is about 25 000 square meters, of which over 23 000 square meters are warehouse spaces, while the rest are occupied by offices. Together with the center in Tychy, it is intended to supply all of southern Poland.