Polish industrial market in 2013

Excellent results recorded in 2013 will be difficult to maintain in 2014.

The second wave of the economic slowdown, which arrived in Poland at the turn of 2012 and 2013, did not affect the results of the industrial sector, which was an abberration from the norm that has been seen since the beginning of this market.

In 2013, GDP increased by 1.6%, which was the same as the figure from 2009, when Poland was first hit by the effects of the global crisis. During 2013, a total of 1.87 million m2 was leased, of which 1.26 million m2 was attributable to new leases and lease expansions, representing an increase on 2012 of 39% for gross take-up and 66% for net take-up. 

The demand accelerated quarter on quarter along with GDP growth dynamics and reached the level of 784,000 m2 (gross) and 602,000 m2 (net) in the last quarter. This impressive figure was largely due to Amazon, which leased a total of 324,000 m2 at the end of the year.