Konin - 137 ha

Minimum separation area

137 ha

Spatial planning

Master Plan


Production, Services, Warehousing


wielkopolskie, Stare Miasto


General information

Total area 137 ha
Owner 1 owner
Voivodeship wielkopolskie
Commune Stare Miasto
District Krągola/Żdżary
Distance to:
A2 highway
(Konin Wschód junction)
0.7 km
A2 highway
(Modła junction)
5 km
Konin city center 10 km
Lodz 106 km
Poznan 102 km
Intermodal Railway Terminal 11 km


The property is located within the Industrial Park Konin Wschód in Stare Miasto Commune, in close vicinity of the A 2 highrway Konin - Wschód junction and national road No. 72. There is also an easy access to the A2 highway Modł a junction and Intermodal Railway Terminal. Within the Industrial Park it is planned a photovoltaic pharm with the power of 180 MW. Existing road and social infrastructure is getting ready to meet requirements of new industrial investments.
The investment land is located in the region of industrial tradition connected with lignite mining. Regarding to the plan of abandonment of the mine industry as the main source of energy, the current strategy of Konin is to develop the green energy, mainly photovoltaic and hydrogen fuel.


The major part of the site (103,92 ha) is encompassed by valid master plan with beneficial building indicators:
– Land purpose: production and warehousing
– Buidling area: max. 60%
– Green area: min. 15%
– Building height: max. 40 m
– Building intensity: max. 1.2

There is ongoing prodecure of master plan amendment in order to establish more favorable parameters and cover the rest of the area by the industrial purpose. The investment project is developed in cooperation between public and a private entity - Hillwood. According to the advanced stage of procedures connected with land preparation for development, it is possible to start construction in the first quarter of 2021. It is possible to implement production and warehouse facilities in cooperation with Hillwood which is one of the leading developers on the real estate market.


  • Electricity: 175 MW from electricity grid + 180 MW from photovoltaic pharm
  • Water: 275 m3/h
  • Sewage: 275 m3/h
  • Gas: 12 000 Nm3/h

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