Szczecin, Dunikowo 21ha

Total area

21,2 ha

Minimum separation area

1,3 ha

Master plan

Master Plan


Warehousing, Production, Services


zachodniopomorskie, Szczecin


Special Economic Zone
Commercial airport 30 km
Distance to motorway 0-5 km
Ownership Public
Land title freehold
Number of owners 1


The property is divided into 6 investment sites:

Site 6 Area 1 ~ 1,3 ha       Site 7 Area 1 ~ 6,5 ha

Site 6 Area 2 ~ 1,5 ha       Site 7 Area 2 ~ 1,5 ha

Site 6 Area 3 ~ 4,2 ha       Site 7 Area 3 ~ 6,3 ha

The property is located in right-bank part of Szczecin, in the vicinity of the A6 Motorway – Szczecin Dąbie junction (1km). The site has convenient transport links with the airport (30 km), the seaport, Szczecin city centre (15 km), Berlin and with expressways: S3 (seaport – southern Poland) and S10 (Stargard Szczeciński – Toruń direction).

Railway siding in the immediate vicinity.

In accordance with the master plan the property is decicated for industry, warehouses, services, logistics, railway siding.

All utilities are available on the site - electricity, water supply, sewage, rain water sewage.

Investment incentives:

Possible exemption from CIT taxes.

Possible exemption from local taxes.

Insights from the experts

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Investment memorandum of the land.


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