I am looking for a production building

Apart from the search for the right location, launching production operations often involves looking for specific space that will meet the requirements of the business. JLL experts know the needs of every industry and can offer support in finding a building that will suit the needs of the Client.

Ewa Foryś

Consultant, JLL

Production building

A tenant looking for a production building must accurately determine the technical requirements involved in the production that must be met by the space. This applies to existing facilities, as well as those that are constructed specifically for the enterprise.

The support of JLL experts in the planning process related to the lease or construction of a production building helps to launch production in a space that is fully adjusted to the company’s needs. The experts make sure that the Client does not overlook important arrangements and negotiates favourable contractual terms. At the same time, they guarantee that the investment will provide solutions that optimise the production and lead to long-term benefits.

Support at every stage of the process

Needs analysis

Accurate identification of the requirements which must be met by the new space.

Evaluating available offers

Collecting market proposals which meet the defined needs.

Verifying the selected offers

Choosing the offer which best meets the needs and demands of the company.

Negotiating lease terms

Involving the owner of the building in the negotiation process in order to obtain the most favourable terms.

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