I am looking for a warehouse with included service

Outsourcing services related to warehousing helps investors to meet their objectives, while collaboration with a trusted business partner facilitates continuous supervision over all kinds of processes. JLL provides its Clients with advice in dealing with the best providers of this type of service. Moreover, its offer includes many properties with included warehousing service.

Ludwika Korzeniowska

Business Development Manager, JLL

Leasing a warehouse with included service

If your business requires professional warehousing service, you should consider leasing space that will provide you with this kind of assistance. Storage, packaging, handling and other logistics processes will be fully entrusted to an external service provider.

JLL experts will provide you with comprehensive information combining their expertise in warehouse property and outsourcing logistics operations. JLL’s Clients receive data on the chosen logistics company, its experience in providing services to the given industry and the offered property. At the same time, the indispensable advice will ensure that the tenant will be fully satisfied with the contract concluded with the logistics operator, while the convenient location of the selected facility will help optimise the incurred costs.

Support at every stage of the process

Needs analysis

Accurate identification of the requirements which must be met by the warehouse with included service.

Evaluating available offers

Collecting market proposals which meet the defined needs.

Verifying the selected offers

Choosing the offer which best meets the needs and demands of the company.

Negotiating lease terms

Involving the owner of the building in the negotiation process in order to obtain the most favourable terms.