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Following market trends helps to quickly respond to changes and make informed business decisions. JLL reports provide comprehensive information on the conditions in the Polish and European market. All information is available directly on the portal warehousefinder.pl.

Anna Karpińska

Database & Marketing, JLL

Current information about the Polish and European market

In order to create an effective business strategy, it is necessary to have current market data that points to interesting investment locations and factors contributing to the optimisation of costs. JLL experts provide customised analytical services that make it possible to effectively evaluate one’s market position. Professional consultants provide:

  • source data from the JLL database,
  • comprehensive market research for industrial and warehouse market done through proprietary analytical models,
  • analyses and reports created at individual request.
JLL reports on the conditions in the Polish and European market are available as PDF files on the portal warehousefinder.pl. Interested in specific data and analyses on selected market issues? Contact JLL experts to obtain in-depth data.

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Poland's industrial market - May 2018


The outstanding market performance seen in 2017 maintained its strength in the first quarter of this year. The continuous activity by occupiers has driven the gross take-up to rise to an unprecedented high of 1.1 million m² and helped to boost Q1 volumes by double digits as compared to the corresponding period from last year. Such a beginning of the year gives plenty reasons for us to be as optimistic as ever.

Poland’s Industrial Market - February 2018


The spectacular, record-setting results from 2017, which exceeded the expectations of most market players, allow one to go into 2018 with widespread optimism. Total space leased under new agreements and extensions in 2017 exceeded 3.1 million m², which is nearly 1 million m² more than in 2016. When lease renewals are added the gross take-up rises to more than 3.9 million m². In Q4 2017 alone, net take-up was more than 1.3 million m², slightly more than the figure for all of H1 2017 period. But what is behind those great numbers?

Record-breaking results on the industrial market in Poland


Q3 2017 saw the delivery of 875,000 sq m of new space. Approximately 630,000 sq m was leased. Advisory firm JLL summarizes the condition of the industrial market in Poland.

Poland Industrial Market H1 2017


The half-way point in 2017 sees Poland’s industrial market closer to another record-breaking year. The excellent momentum seen in Q1 was even more pronounced in Q2, with gross take-up reaching 864,000 m² in that quarter alone, resulting in a total of 1.72 million m² being leased in the first six months of this year.