I want to build my own BTS property

Companies that cannot find warehouse space which would satisfy the relevant requirements ultimately face a major dilemma: should they disregard their needs and choose one of the available developments or invest in a build-to-suit property? Before making this decision, it is best to enlist the help of experts to identify your actual needs and capabilities and make sure that the BTS warehouse provides optimal benefits.

Ewa Foryś

Consultant, JLL

BTS – built to suit the needs of the company

BTS space is the best solution for entrepreneurs who have particular requirements due to the nature of their business and are looking for a specific location for logistics reasons. It is also meant to address the needs of industrial companies. Tailor-made facilities are the only choice for companies looking for a very large space that cannot easily be found on the market.

JLL offers a range of analyses of the internal situation of the company as well as the current market conditions, which allows determining what configuration will fully meet the demands of the enterprise. The investor can count on comprehensive support in the decision-making process, as well as in the implementation of the contractual terms.

Support at every stage of the process

Needs analysis

Accurate identification of the conditions which must be met by the new space.

Choosing the right offer

An analysis of the space available on the market, as well as of the capacity to develop a new BTS property.

Collaboration with a developer

Choosing the right offer and collaborating with a developer whose proposal meets the Client’s requirements.

Insights from the experts

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Companies unable to find warehouse space that would meet their requirements are sooner or later going to consider building a build-to-suit warehouse. Joanna Choromańska, a JLL expert, answers the most frequently asked questions about these tailor-made facilities.

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The process of negotiating the terms of the warehouse space lease contract is based on several important factors, the most important is the knowledge about the market. In large contracts, negotiations can yield savings of hundreds of thousands of euros per year. [VIDEO]

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Most often, problems arise when the customers starts to wonder: How much might it cost? What parts of the contract are negotiable? What are the incentives?

How much does leasing a warehouse cost?


Apart from the rent rate, one should consider maintenance fees, that is service charges and costs of utilities. The maintenance fees are composed of all the services related to the maintenance of a warehouse property and the park’s common land, such as: security, snow clearance and cleaning.