I want to renegotiate my lease terms

As the situation on the warehouse and industrial market changes, long-time tenants can try to obtain more favourable terms for previously concluded contracts and seek to optimise the costs incurred by the company in this respect. At every stage of the negotiations, it is best to take advantage of the support offered by JLL experts, whose knowledge and experience are key to securing beneficial lease terms.

Mateusz Iłowiecki

Director, JLL

Renegotiating the terms of the lease contract

As soon as two years before the expiration of an existing agreement, the tenant can start negotiating the terms or searching for new space. The short period reserved for formalities is disadvantageous to investors, as they cannot readily secure a satisfactory deal, and the tenant has the right to reject the suggested terms.

Thanks to the experience of JLL consultants, each stage of negotiation with the lessor brings tangible results. In addition, their market knowledge makes it possible to compare many competing offers. The huge amount of current data about the opportunities awaiting tenants in various regions of Poland gives JLL experts a considerable advantage when renegotiating contracts and enables them to comprehensively address the needs of every Client.

Support at every stage of the process

Contract analysis

Examining the provisions of the current lease agreement and identifying the potential changes.

Renegotiating lease terms

The involvement of an JLL expert in the process of renegotiating lease terms.

Concluding the contract

Choosing the most favourable solution and concluding a new agreement with the owner of the property.

Insights from the experts

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