I want to sell investment land

The proper preparation of investment land for sale is a process involving many aspects related to the comprehensive presentation of the property to the potential investors. To successfully sell investment land, you should take advantage of the knowledge and advice of JLL experts, who will lead the negotiation process and help you prepare the necessary documentation.

Agata Zając

Senior Director, JLL

The sale of investment land

The key to a successful sale of land is its proper preparation and compiling a comprehensive investment memorandum. An owner who decides to sell their land must bear in mind that only by providing the investor with all the required information and skillully presenting the potential of the plot can they find a buyer and effect a profitable transaction.

JLL consultancy involves collaboration with the owner of the land as soon as at the stage of drawing up the investment memorandum and completing the documents necessary for the sale of the property. JLL experts act as intermediaries in talks with potential clients and take care of the marketing side of the undertaking. The owner can be sure that the entire process of selling investment land will be as smooth as possible.

Support at every stage of the process

Analysis of the property

Determining the condition of the land and its potential for the use by future investors.

Drawing up the investment memorandum

Preparing a compendium of knowledge on the plot together with complete technical documentation.

Contacting the Client

Presenting the offer to a wide group of potential Clients.

Negotiating the transaction terms

Participating in the process of investor negotiations in order to obtain the most favourable terms.

Insights from the experts

How to prepare an investment land to sell it successfully?


- Contrary to what it may seem, the success of investment land sales transactions is often not the location itself - said in an interview with Magazyny.pl Agata Zając, Associate Director, JLL. So what is important? - In the eyes of investors it is also important to properly prepare the land for sale – adds Agata Zając.

Investment memorandum of the land.


The key to the success of a land sale transaction is the correct preparation of investment memorandum. It constitutes an extensive compendium of information on the potential of the plot with regard to its future use by an investor. It is also a calling card of sorts, which is shown to potential buyers.