Zespół realizacji inwestycji przemysłowych w JLL prowadzi kompleksowe usługi skierowane do firm produkcyjnych planujących rozpoczęcie budowy nowego zakładu przemysłowego w Polsce. Zakres usług obejmuje doradztwo we wstępnej fazie przygotowania inwestycji , przygotowanie opcji lokalizacji zakładu w Polsce , doradztwo w zakresie metody realizacji oraz zarządzanie inwestycją na etapie projektowania i budowy.

JLL Industrial offers comprehensive services for production companies planning to start construction of a new industrial plant in Poland. The scope of services includes consulting in the initial stage of product development , preparation of plant location options in Poland , advisory on implementation and management methods of an investment in the design and construction of the initiative. JLL team has an established position in cooperation with professional design offices, general contractors and industrial developers . We take pride in offering you a wide variety of execution methods that will maximize the effects of your particular investment. Our goal is to secure the whole investment process, starting from site choice through advisory on the schedule, budget, public aids, labor market, selection of the company that shall implement the project down to its last stage.

JLL Services

We are in business to create and deliver real value for clients, shareholders and our own people in a complex world that is constantly changing.

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    Corporate Finance

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    Corporate Solutions

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    Facility Management

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    Hotels & Hospitality

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    Industrial and Logistics Agency

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    BTS Projects

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    Investment Management

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    Investment Sales and Acquisitions

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    Land Services

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    Office Agency

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    Property Management

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    Project and Development Services

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    Retail Agency

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    Residential sector in cooperation with REAS

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    Valuation Advisory

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    Research and Consulting