Transactions related to land require specialist advisory services that provide critical insights into the potential of projects and locations together with in-depth knowledge of local planning normsand issues.

Our Land Services team leverages on the knowledge gained from our internal consulting services. They have a high degree of exposure to all types of real estate assets in locations across Poland, along with the identification of development opportunities beginning withthe concept stage. 

This synergistic approach has benefited our clients, who range from land owners, developers, corporates, and various funds seeking to invest in projects.

Our range of services include:

assisting prospective purchasers in identification, evaluation, and purchase of land
assisting land owners in disposal of their land holding
sfacilitating investments for developers in various project
sorganizing opportunities for various investors seeking to invest in remunerative projects
structuring joint ventures between landowners and developers/investors/end users
assisting developers/corporates in divesting or investing in land portfolios

JLL Services

We are in business to create and deliver real value for clients, shareholders and our own people in a complex world that is constantly changing.

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    Corporate Finance

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    Corporate Solutions

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    Facility Management

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    Hotels & Hospitality

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    Industrial and Logistics Agency

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    BTS Projects

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    Investment Management

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    Investment Sales and Acquisitions

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    Land Services

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    Office Agency

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    Property Management

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    Project and Development Services

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    Retail Agency

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    Residential sector in cooperation with REAS

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    Valuation Advisory

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    Research and Consulting