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Despite the convenient geographic location, continuously expanding road infrastructure and an attractive consumer market, warehouses for rent in Krakow account for one of the smallest industrial markets in Poland. This however, does not mean that warehouse facilities in małopolska region, providing fantastic logistics and industrial conditions are scarse.

Region summary

Last update: 10.06.2022r.
  • 643 000 m2
    Total existing space
  • 3 500 m2
    Space available for rent
  • 59 000 m2
    Under construction

Warehouse in Krakow or Upper Silesia?

Tenants in search of industrial space in Krakow region often choose facilities located in Upper Silesia as their warehouse destination. Such scenario can be justified by higher availability of space at a hand and competitive rents rates, which might prove imperative when distribution is to be run in both voivodeships. Any transportation issues are rectified thanks to A4 motorway that contects Silesia and Krakow.

Such occupier behaviour pattern curbs Krakow’s industrial market development. The situation is further hindered by investment land prices and - in the case of many sites – the lack of planning permissions. Nevertheless, such wealthy consumer market requires suppliers – a fact that along with practically non-existent warehouse space for rent east of Krakow (only one warehouse in Rzeszów) and continuous expansion of road network down to Ukraine boarder, suddenly makes Krakow an extremely attractive location.  Therefore, it is no accident that industrial facilities in Malopolska are occupied mainly by logistics operators, retailers and FMCG companies.

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