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Podkarpacie region is an emerging warehouse market in Poland. Developers' plans include new logistics investments in the region. Noteworthy is the long tradition of industry in Podkarpacie: well developed aerospace and pharmaceutical branches.

Region summary

Last update: 23.03.2022r.
  • 275 500 m2
    Total existing space
  • 7 500 m2
    Space available for rent
  • 66 500 m2
    Under construction

Podkarpacie might be a very interesting place for many investors to locate their businesses because of the public aid scope which is the highest in Poland. That guarantees significant tax exemptions.

The most successfully growing industries in Podkarpackie Region are: production of household goods, food industry, clothing industry, construction industry, furniture and communications industries. The top industries are aerospace and pharmaceutical industries - a strong position of the aerospace industry is the most characteristic feature of the Podkarpackie Region. It stems from the tradition dated back to the 1930s. Nearly 90 % of the enterprises representing this sector in Poland are located in this region.

Rzeszów is the main place of business association called Dolina Lotnicza (Aviation Valley) which includes companies from all over the country. Entrepreneurs from Podkarpacie who are involved also in IT sector established Stowarzyszenie Informatyka Podkarpacka (The IT Association in Podkaprackie). Recently the Podkarpacki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny (Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park) was created. The core of this investment are pharmaceutical and aviation industries. New ideas and solutions that are linked with this specific Technology Park are made in academic pre-incubator of the Technical University of Rzeszów. It is worth mentioning that Rzeszów is the most important industrial and commerce center in southeastern Poland. Right now, this city is growing dynamically when it comes to new technologies and industries – especially in aviation and IT sectors.

In Podkarpackie Region there are two Special Economic Zones: Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK MIELEC (Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna Euro-Park Mielec) and Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN (Tarnobrzeska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna Euro-Park Wisłosan). In this region there are also three industrial parks: Mielecki Park Przemysłowy, Park Przemysłowy „Stare-Miasto Park” oraz Podkarpacki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny.

Podkarpacie is bordered with three voivodeships: lubelskie, świętokrzyskie and małopolskie; and also with two countries – Ukraine and Slovakia. It should be noted that Podkarpacie is well communicated with Małopolska, Górny Śląsk and Dolny Śląsk regions by the A4 motorway that links capitals of those regions – Rzeszów, Kraków, Katowice and Wrocław. There is also ‘Rzeszów – Jasionka’ Airport which is another advantage of Podkarpackie Region. This airport is located just 10 km from the city center of Rzeszów. Furthermore, the logistic centers are planned in the immediate vicinity of ‘Rzeszów-Jasionka’ Airport. City of Rzeszów purchased 30 ha of investment land for logistics and industrial investments, Panattoni Europe also plans to develop warehouses for rent there – Panattoni Park Rzeszów, industrial facility that will consists of two buildings and this investment will equal 39 000 sq m of modern warehouse space.

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