Warehouses for rent - Gądki

Warehouses for rent in Gadki area is a perfect choice for a logistics or distribution centre in the heart of Greater Poland.
Located about 6 km from A2 motorway and S11 expressway S11, the industrial facilities provide favorable conditions for activities on the local market and nationwide.

Region summary

Last update: 09.03.2020r.
  • 672 000 m2
    Total existing space
  • 46 000 m2
    Space available for rent
  • 0 m2
    Under construction
  • 105 000 m2
    Transactions m2

Free space for rent near Poznan

The potential of the region has already acknowledged by leading industrial developers, who have located their A-class warehouse parks in Gadki and surrounding areas.

Panattoni Park Poznań I and MLP Poznan are located directly in Gadki. In Żerniki warehouse space is offered in Panattoni Park Poznan II but the developer is planning to construct another facility here – Panattoni Park Poznan III. In Robakowo (approx. 5 km from Gadki) P3 situated its Point Park Poznan.

Gądki – a popular location for logistics hub

Poznan area is a popular warehouse location among some of the global key players. Swedish closthes giant H&M has  placed its main warehouse for CEE distribution in Gadki. The village has also been chosen by Piotr i Pawel (food retailer) who stores ofer 12 500 items over 25 000 sq m. Meanwhile, in Robakowo warehouse space is occupied by Raben division Fresh Logistics and Point Park Poznan is taken by PF Concept and DHL.

Warehouse space for rent by intermodal terminal

Gadki is also the location where Hamburger Hafen und Logistik (HHLA), railway operator Polzug Intermodal and CARGOSPED located their intermodal terminals. The facilities provide direct connection with North Sea seaports and Poznan and have increased competitive advantages of Polish TSL business on the international arena.

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