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Katowice West, Upper Silesia

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Logicor Gliwice comprises of two buildings - warehouse projects, offering warehouse and office space, which can be freely adapted to the needs of companies from various sectors, including: logistics, pharmaceuticals, food, automotive, heavy and light industry. Logicor Gliwice, is in the direct vicinity of the A4 motorway and 1 km away from its planned intersection with the A1 highway, the so-called Sośnica junction. The park lies in the north-western part of Upper Silesia.

Logistics center in Gliwice (near Katowice) at "Wezel Sosnica"

Logicor Gliwice - innovative logistics center is located in Gliwice, in the north-west part of Upper Silesia, 20 km highway from Katowice. This is where their headquarters, logistics centers, warehouses , etc. have most small as well as medium-sized and large companies. This location is very interesting, mainly due to the currently ongoing road projects. Logicor Gliwice warehouses are located directly by the A4 highway, approximately 1 km from "Gliwice-Sosnica" - one of the most important local junctions with the A1 highway and national road No. 44.

Warehouses for rent in Upper Silesia with the ability to run light and heavy production

Logicor Gliwice is now comprised of two warehouses with a total area of ​​16 160 sq. m. Yet, the expansion of the logistics center by building the third warehouse is planned, thus expanding the area of ​​the land to 22 560 sq. m. The warehouses for rent near Katowice owned by Logicor Gliwice is primarily a warehouse and office space, built and designed primarily for companies operating within the logistics, pharmaceuticals, food, automotive and industrial branch, dedicated for companies engaged in both light and heavy production.

Warehouses in Gliwice in Upper Silesia equipped with highest standard of security

Warehouses Logicor Gliwice were adapted and intended for most demanding customers who appreciate not only safety, but also comfort of the warehouses and offices. Both warehouses have a column grid with parameters of 24 m x 12 m, height reaches up to 10 m, and the floor load is 5 t/sq. m. The facilities are additionally equipped with modern sprinkler system, smoke dampers and monitoring system (CCTV). The warehouses vary in depth: the first one has a depth of 72 m and the other 59 m. Logicor Gliwice is the ideal logistics center, aimed primarily for investors planning to launch their activity in Upper Silesia. It is one of the most innovative facilities in the region!



Katowice West


Upper Silesia

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When you are looking for a warehouse or production area for rent, you should be aware of whole process complexity, which consist of several steps. Problems appear at the level of clarifying needs and defining specific expectations. Meanwhile, tenant has to face a whole series of negotiations, which should be terminated in gainful way for him. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a strategy, which will enable obtaining as many benefits as possible. In this case knowledge of consultant may become invaluable and save a lot of tenant’s time.

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Apart from the rent rate, one should consider maintenance fees, that is service charges and costs of utilities. The maintenance fees are composed of all the services related to the maintenance of a warehouse property and the park’s common land, such as: security, snow clearance and cleaning.